4 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {161} ~ Could The World Make Any Progress If Technology Did Not Exist?”

  1. Interesting question. If progress is related with consciousness, then there is technology which is helpful. For instance, there is a group here in Peru called the “Mennonites” who are a Christian based group originated in Germany. They look like coming from the cast of the “Little House of the prairie” TV program and they have their own beliefs and ways of living away from mainstream society. However, they have welcomed tractors and other technology to make their life styles easier while working in the land. There are other technologies which could be detrimental to the environment, our lives, etc. Technology is like a knife, it depends how humans decide to use it (depending on how much sanity humans have,) thus, in that light; if progress is regarded as accumulation of wealth, then there will be issues of moral values and integrity which are common nowadays. Cheers,

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    1. Indeed, thank you for sharing your thoughts my friend and for your words and experiences. Yes, it depends on how humans decide to use the technology and how we channel it to make the progress which can aid if used in an appropriate way. πŸ‰πŸ²πŸ™πŸ»β™₯️

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