~The Ultra-Wealthy Aren’t Happy~

“It’s hard for the non-wealthy to fathom how it could be that the ultra-wealthy are just as miserable, if not even more miserable, than average people.

That’s because true happiness in life comes from love and selfless. The reason life purpose makes you happy is because it’s supposed to an act of love and selfless. To have a life purpose is to devote your life in the service of others, showering the world with your love. If you don’t have that, no amount of money will fulfill you.

So what’s really being missed is a spiritual connection to life. Spirituality is just the cultivation of your love and selflessness.

And this is the fundamental problem with capitalism. Capitalism creates a relentless pressure to chase after more wealthy and material success at the cost of spiritual connection. So material resources are funneled to the top 10% or 1%, while everyone else is left in wage slavery. In such a system, the ultra-wealthy are too busy hoarding resources to develop a spiritual connection. And the non-wealthy are too busy working to make ends meet to develop a spiritual connection. And so neither the top nor the bottom of society has an spiritual depth. And both end up miserable.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights

29 thoughts on “~The Ultra-Wealthy Aren’t Happy~”

  1. I would add that such an idea in material and such hordes is a result of depression, in some cases. An important question to ask then would be why the need for fulfillment is found in things, and such a concept is found everywhere around us advertised in this tourist mall of society. It’s a sickness really that no economist can understand because it’s so counter-intuitive to the greedy culture society perpetuates at the expense and exploitation of others they don’t even recognize that makes the process possible, without mindfulness.

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    1. Excusing me Brother, you are talking to yourself. You know that, right? Sorry, I go into discussions with only like minded people. Also, may be with the author. Thank you for your essay. I did enjoy reading. Much love.

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      1. For instance, consider gratification as it applies to our post-post-information driven society. The gift if scrutinized under a lens in say, um, Amerikaka, is now expected, which seems an unfair practice is when you consider wealth-inequality. It’s the obligation of return, in some people, mind you, that has me thinking about “intent”. Gift giving should not be obligatory. It defeats the concept.

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      2. There’s a lot of other applications, surely, and I guess a final important point should be around this time gratefulness and selflessness in practice, with ourselves and with others. I can become Uber critical with my dialogue, and my comments can go in excess of what’s expected, and I could do well to be mindful of your advice and the author’s, but I need to remember what my psychologist says and practice some love of myself, instead of judgement. I enjoyed being able to read your comments too. I hope you and yours good holidays and best luck forward for years.

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      3. Thanks brother for your heartiest wishes. Much love. Already started spying on you. Can I call you Kaahsh? The name of my long lost sibling.

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      4. Thank you Kaahsh. Blessed! For me Kaahsh means a pure consciousness who stands for what is right to his strong morals , who has an ancient wisdom from spirituality to astronomy. He cannot be convinced that easily. He doesn’t agree with me most of the times. But he cares for me from his soul. I haven’t met such a brother in this life time. Now that I have said about him, can you pretend like him for me please?

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  2. I have no self
    a higher self yet

    in my claims
    I am and I will stay
    a simple one
    insignificant human being

    I have to with my thoughts
    and insights
    neither a homeless person
    a human being before his death

    a master
    the most powerful man in the world
    a person who believes that he is a divine being

    I want to live my life
    and no one with it for anything
    convince what does not belong to him

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      1. If i miss to see the brotherhood in every heart, the problem is ‘me’ not the world.


      2. Share with your bigg sister if she could help in some ways, won’t you Bro? Mr.DiosRaw is going to warn me as well. Please if you want to chat with me please comment on my blog or you can Email me always, Gamma. Take care.


      3. Where there is no way for you to point out what you want to point out
        then I will answer you wherever possible

        Your sister tries to help everyone in her own way, her wisdom was never an event for me

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  3. I am not trying
    To give meaning to words

    what my soul tells me
    is intended for me

    my me is between
    the world and the inner world

    the body-soul unity
    is me
    just for me

    of the soul there is neither
    Delusional still

    the soul is everything
    mine too me
    that i am
    who i am

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