The Human Family Community Open Threads {197}

Welcome to “The Human Family Community Open Threads,” a project open for anyone who would like to express their feelings, make friends or talk about anything; if you feel suicidal, depressed, anxious or lonely during these times this project is here for you. Feel free to leave a comment below, find my email on this blog’s connect page and connect, let’s start a conversation. No judgement, we don’t know until we walk in someone else’s shoes..

~DiosRaw, 28/11/21

4 thoughts on “The Human Family Community Open Threads {197}”

  1. I would like to contribute to this. I am seriously suicidal. But I don’t want to put this on my own blog.
    Ltoday, I have written a letter to my very best friebd who happens to be a vicar, but to me he is just my friend. I do not go to his church or any church. But last night something finally got to me so badly that it is pushing me over the edge. This has been going on for some time and I have been fighting it in all ways possible. Drawing strenth from God, yet I just don’t feel it or find it.

    I am blind, in a wheelchair, with breathing diffiiculties, in constant bad physical pain, with no friends and with a family that does not want me because I am disabled.
    Li used to be a strong person, but not any more. I wrote what I thought was my final letter to my friend today. I told him last night that when I go, he will be given a lot of my money that I have left, to throw a HUGE party in the church hall for all those on the streets who have no one and nowhere to go, just to give them a few hours of happiness hopefully to help them carry on. He has agreed to do it.

    There is much much more but that is the essence of it. I hope that mire people will join in.

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    1. That’s beautiful Lorraine, the gesture when you die is gorgeous, golden.

      I’m sorry you are experiencing this, I can only imagine how difficult this makes life for you. We can continue this discussion over email, I’ll email you. Thank you. ♥️

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