19 thoughts on “Notes {1565}”

      1. They don’t actually require each other, to be honest. But, there is a deep hidden truth in the untruth, which is undeniable. Where as TRUTH can stand alone and travel beyond.

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      2. I am honoured my dear Philo, that my thought has been taken in consideration. Thanks a million.

        Well, for example if you are lying..
        I perceive with a question, which is ‘what made you lie’? – there should be a underlying valid reason for that untruth to be alive, therefore that valid reason is a fact which has to be an undeniable truth. Isn’t it? You know this already and I know you did lie to entertain me. So in my eyes, you did not lie. Got me?

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      3. Ref NiyathyDios-
        It’s always a pleasure to interact with you and know more about so many things happening around us which most of us unaware.
        Our knowledge multiplies by this.
        Thank you NiyathyDios.
        For the truth to be hidden under the lie- the other person must be aware that lie has been told.
        If the other person believes the lie then the lie becomes the truth and the original truth disappears.

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      4. I am not sister.

        I am a brother.

        Now fault is yours since you failed to read ‘About me’ in my blog.

        Write Mr.Philo 108 times or simply chant Gayathri Mantra 108 times.( on a lighter vein- no offence meant- just a joke since we ae all supposed to be non serious)

        Glad that you are not into politics.
        But you got annoyed and used harsh words like ‘blah blah’
        Patience…patience and patience.

        Most of the discussion in WP is supposed to be on a friendly style.
        I was just joking about the school teacher since you said my time has expired. I thought you were joking and making fun in general and felt like retorting!
        Looks like that is a bad idea….

        Anyhow all is well that ends well.

        Om Shanti, Om Shanti Om Shantihi’


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