Philosophical Questions {164} ~ How Do You Let Go Of Loosing An Animal In Your Life?

I believe death is a new beginning, there are no beginnings or endings and that the soul moves onto the next existence. To let go, we can think of happy memories and know it was meant to be, all in divine timing.

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11 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {164} ~ How Do You Let Go Of Loosing An Animal In Your Life?”

  1. I think you’re are about it being in the memories. Some how I feel carrying them in our memories helps us make peace with their absence. At the sametime we all need time to grieve after losing a loved one. Take your time my friend and know we’re always with you in mind and spirit.

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    1. Thank you Vincent, true words, indeed, I remember the happy memories and that it was her time. Blessed. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ²πŸ‰β™₯️


  2. MyDios, is everything alright on your side ? Coming to the question, if you believe that memories of happy moment and accepting what is meant to be in divine timing then, where did the animal come from? I don’t get it, sorry.

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  3. Now I get what you mean, after receiving your thoughts. Yes honey pie, if there was an animal in one’s life, cannot let go of the memory of loosing that animal, because the animal was loved once.Love is always love, isn’t it? One can accept the loss of this loved one and try to make peace with that memory and build a maternal bond. A mother cannot neglect any child in distress, even if it is a monster cub.

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  4. We assume that current life to be limited in terms of existence of soul. The premise is that we are already divine and that our problems arise from the wrong notion that we are not. Death is a pre requisite to liberation in most of the religions but what is the use of liberation after death when you are not free while living? Remember death is always around the corner mobile in the form of every vehicle and stationary in the form of microbes and so on. The lord alone is permanent, our body, relations and worldly experiences are all temporary and unstable.

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