The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers {164} ~ Do You Think That Churches, Chapels & Synagogues Perform Any Useful Purpose?

“SOME of them do and some of them do not. Where those who are in church are amenable to the influence of the spirit, albeit unconsciously, and they are vessels of inspiration, then they are able to be of great service because they are used to spread light, knowledge, wisdom and truth. Where in these houses of worship there is no inspiration, where sole reliance is placed on ancient formularies, on dead rituals and decayed creeds, where nothing is said except that which conforms to the strict letter of theology then there is no service being rendered. It is impossible to make generalisations, to indulge in sweeping condemnation or to give wholehearted approval. Each must be examined on its merits, by virtue of the service it renders, or fails to render.” ~ The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers, P. 86

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