Gape gaze in the holographic mirror of “you”, your reflection is psyche food

A broken psyche, a shadow of death

Jostling to fill the void under the veil with a broken sail

Steering towards the abyss of agape

They tell me the flames burning this house down are elusive

That the divine sparks sprinkling my veins are intrusive

That I am imagining the imagination of insanity in my own world

I stare as I glare into the devils eyes

Entangled in the mesh of psychological mechanisms

As I demand the devil to stop shouting my sins and the ways I have lied

Boomeranging back, the ways you hide besides the divide

They scream with “it is all in your head” as smoke rolls from their eyes

Wetiko can’t shout sanity into insanity

Stifled and sealed vaults

They tell me the cogs and wheels need oiling

And with that, glancing down, hell opens up and snatches me, myself and I down to the ground

Why so terrified? A platter of plethora ego conjures

Unravel consciousness, modify perception

We dare warp the existential to assure our protection

Reality of insanity resurrection

Would it be that if you hydrate my psyche with a kiss, it would not thirst anymore?

~DiosRaw, Amber Victoria, 29/03/22