Magic {1} ~ What Is Magic?

When we say “magic” we conjure up various ideas based on our cultural beliefs, influences, core beliefs and ideas. Magic for me doesn’t necessarily mean the stage craft of disappearances, card tricks, and other illusions. The practice of magic and magical thinking: the ability to shape our lives and the world around us through belief, intention, ritual, and the invocation of forces bigger than ourselves; forces we may not fully understand, and which work in mysterious ways perhaps is a more accurate understanding conceptually of magic.

An open-minded approach and belief in magic creates a positive reinforcement cycle within our consciousness spheres. Considering that the world could be magical makes it appear more magical immediately. Perhaps these words may have inspired you to contemplate magic, and maybe that is magic in itself.

What isn’t magic? How did we get here? We will explore magic further as the days go by.

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