Phantom memories, spectres

What once convinced a great friendship

Morphed into an ocean of guilt and sorrow

Her soul feels the bowls of the circus show

Then the demons took over

Taking the shape of who we are

Turning it into who we are not

For it was a great memory

To know someone falling in love with their imagination, to fall apart into the dust of ìllusions

We shimmy into ourselves like clay dried sediment

Pieces of ourselves, traversing the timeline of soul contracts, lost and misplaced, uprooted and thrown with careless abandon into the carcus of cosmic dust

Your pieces will settle; you’ll see them there, scattered, and piece them together from an Eagle eyed view perched up in the hills

Existence is yet so fragile and opaque
Just one thread pull unweaves the entire universe away

Clasping onto the debris of floating remains

This is a fantasy alive

What reality is merely based upon

Some truths we digest too late, yet better that than to never to know

Believing in angels, heaven sends

Surrounded by angels, but I call them friends

Just watch how they quickly disappear

Due to not being on top performance

Like a mirage in the desert heat

Cardboard cutouts

That how much we were curious to know each other, just to become strangers yet familiars

I wish we could all be friends in an floating utopia dream

Friendship fades, dissipating, it doesn’t mean the love dies

Sometimes, it simply lays dormant



Eternal silence

Before the light of dawn.

~DiosRaw, Amber Victoria, 30/03/22

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