Philosophical Questions {167} ~ What Is The Greatest Quality Humans Possess?

I believe honesty, integrity, courage, self-awareness, humour and wholeheartedness are among the greatest qualities as human beings living this human experience as souls. Self-awareness allows us to have the potential in this lifetime to awaken from the dream.

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10 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {167} ~ What Is The Greatest Quality Humans Possess?”

  1. The ability to laugh at themselves. I guess that’s a component of self-awareness. I find that ability embodies humility which is essential IMO to a life well-lived. It enables every other virtue.

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  2. His Will, I think. Without the Will to use anything anyone else has wisely spoken to, it doesn’t matter. The whole lamp under a bushel thing. That being said: I also think understanding, seeking wisdom, compassion, even love are all good things. But they can’t be let to gather rust.

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  3. The ability to think is a unique quality of human possession. To reach infinity refinement of thoughts are paramount and whereby remaining gets fulfilled from finite. So what exists is only the knowledge of consciousness nothing else.

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