Symbols {201} ~ Mandrake

The mandrake plant grows in the Mediterranean area of Europe. Years ago it was thought to only grow where a man had been hung. It was the product of the semen, blood, and fat from the body. The mandrake was thought to scream as it was pulled from the ground hence the Harry Potter film reference. The mandrake’s roots look like a small human. Mandrake berries are orange or deep yellow and are considered an aphrodisiac.

In Christianity, the mandrake can be found in the first book of the Bible. Rachael was able to conceive Jacob with the help of a mandrake root.

In ancient Greece, the mandrake was thought to be an aphrodisiac. Dioscorides, a Greek physician and botanist first wrote about the mandrake in 512 AD. He believed there was a male and female mandrake but that has since been disproven. Dioscorides also used the word anesthesia for the first time in reference to the mandrake. Used correctly its roots could help a person go numb and sleep. The mandrake is a symbol of Aphrodite the Greek goddess of love. The roots were mixed with wine and produced a delightful liquid. The mandrake is called a love apple because of its aphrodisiac qualities.

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