Symbols {202} ~ Rebis

The Rebis symbol comes from alchemists in the 15th century. The symbol is an oval representing the cosmic egg. Within this oval is a hermaphrodite, a figure with a male head and a female head. The woman is holding a square and she appears to be crowned by the moon. The male figure is holding a compass and had a sun over his head. The stars surrounding the figure represent the five planetary symbols. The figure is standing on a dragon. The dragon represents ascension and a combination of the material and spiritual worlds. Under the dragon is a circle with a square and triangle. The square is matter and the triangle is spiritual. The four sides of the square and three sides of the triangle add up to the number of completion, seven. Seven is the number of completion because the world was created in seven days.

The Rebis represents the coming together of opposite things. It is a reconciliation of earthly and spiritual realms and sexual unity. The Rebis is a result of the alchemical great work. When one has gone through purging and purification they become united like the divine hermaphrodite. It is a result of the alchemical allegories of the Red King and White Queen. The Rebis symbolizes the union of opposites. It offers cosmic balance to the world.

2 thoughts on “Symbols {202} ~ Rebis”

  1. Neat. Some of the Gnostics used to believe in a god which was hermaphroditic, which the Demiurge split into the genders we have. Most of the primal giants were either hermaphroditic or androgynous and reproduced asexually before the rise of the Gods we know. Makes you think.

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