To love for the sake of love

The powerfully vulnerable kind of love

The honest and safe warming of honey kind of love

Where eyes make love to each other

Before bodies even touch

I’m falling in love

I said “I’m falling apart

Trust is earned slowly

But lost in an instant

Over the course of one’s life

What’s the difference of this blurred lines fantasia

We tear our own hearts fantasising of the things of our desires unrealistically

The hall of mirrors

Where we fall in love with ourselves, the others of ourselves

Tantalising art, intoxicating and sinking into portals of the souls when they talk about the things they love

Or maybe, just maybe, by gazing into the mirror of Krishna in drag

The most beautiful art anyone can appreciate stares right back at you

You are beautiful, the qualities you admire in another reflect your soul essence

Reality mirroring the hyperlinked mind of God.

~DiosRaw, Amber Victoria, 02/04/22

8 thoughts on “Poetry {222} ~ BLURRED LINES FANTASIA OF SELF LOVE HONEY”

  1. I love the idea of falling in love with a hall of mirrors just to find that you’re trying to love yourself. That is so powerful. There are so many aspects to a person… so many parts – everything slightly different, like a hall of mirrors. To fall in love with the reflection in every mirror is to learn to love yourself in all of it’s strange distorted self. I love the idea of concentrating that love within that hall of mirrors rather than leaving that area and focusing the love on something else, something external, almost in an attempt to love something similar in nature as one of those reflections that you so willingly turn away from when you know it’s within yourself.

    Wow, this made me think.

    Thank you. And I’ve been absent a bit lately, so I’m quite late to say WELCOME BACK!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m glad my insane and rambling response made sense at all!

        I have found that what you write alights my mind much of the time. I then feel absolutely compelled to respond to it – generally in a rambling way to sort my thoughts. Somehow these responses make sense to you, and trigger some extra thought within you. Sometimes you just tell me that, sometimes you respond in your own style which triggers me to think deeper. It is an odd arrangement, but a yin/yang nonetheless, so thank you for that.

        Keep writing, keep triggering my mind… eventually the two of us might make some sense of this hectic world we live in πŸ’œβ€οΈ

        Liked by 2 people

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