~Prima Materia~

The “famous secret” in alchemy and the basis of the alchemical opus is the unique prima materia, which is the chaos and raw material out of which the refined substance or “gold,” which is the enlightened mind, is revealed. The elusive prima materia needs to be found before the magnum opus, the great work of alchemy, could begin. Psychologically speaking, the mysterious prima materia re-presents, and is to be discovered in, the parts of the psyche that we deny, dis-own and marginalize, the aspects of ourselves that we feel ashamed of, and turn away from in revulsion and disgust. Our neurosis and our wounds are the alchemical “prima materia,” the rejected and despised part of the psyche, the raw material which we should learn to be thankful for, without which we would be unable to make the alchemical gold.

6 thoughts on “~Prima Materia~”

  1. I’ve always found alchemy to be fascinating. Along with Gnosticism. While I have a “narrow” or narrowing path in my spirituality, I do lean on them for inspiration. Anyways. I ought to pick up a few more books about it. Topically: She’s got more of a holistic touch, but the authoress Annie Dieu Le-Veut talks a deal about Alchemy in her books. I’m reading Stories in the Stars as it goes. Link below, if you find yourself with time and inclination. She has a nice way of putting things. I also think she means what she says, which can be rare in the spiritual market. (He said cynically to himself, out loud.)


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