Symbols {204} ~ Typhon

The Typhon symbol looks like the number six with a curved lower tail. Typhon was from the Ancient Greek myths. He was called the father of all monsters. Typhon himself is described as a half-human half-winged beast that had serpents’ heads springing out of his shoulder. He spits poisonous venom and his arm span reached from the far west of the world to the far east. He produced hurricanes with his wings. Typhon caused all the storms in the world. Typhon’s lineage is not certain but many believe he was born just of Hera. She is the goddess of women and is known for her jealousy. Typhon was powerful and dangerous. According to Hesiod, Typhon’s mother was Gaia and she birthed him after the gods destroyed the giants on Earth. Typhon had been described as lawless and outrageous.

2 thoughts on “Symbols {204} ~ Typhon”

  1. I would almost bet you money that there is a kind of allegory buried here about the transition of religious Focii being on the Divine Feminine to the Masculine Divine. Serpents used to be the symbols of the Goddess,’ kinda like how Medusa has the snakes hair, etc etc.

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