Mental Health {5} ~ High Functioning Depression

High-functioning depression is a real thing, and it can have serious consequences if not addressed and treated. The diagnosis for high-functioning depression is officially called persistent depressive disorder, or PDD. Someone struggling with PDD experiences many of the symptoms of depression, but less severely. This allows the person to be able to function mostly normally, going to work or school, performing well, keeping up with responsibilities at home, and engaging in most social activities.

This type of depression can be difficult to detect in oneself, but especially in others. To the outside world, a person with PDD seems fine. Internally that person is struggling. High-functioning depression may not seem as serious as major depression, but it should be diagnosed and treated. Living with PDD can be a struggle and lowers quality of life, but treatment and self-management can help.

What is High-Functioning Depression?

Many mental illnesses are severe enough to impair a person’s ability to function. In fact, for many mental health conditions, significant impairment is a diagnostic criterion. Impairment means that a person does not fully function in one or more areas of life. This may mean not being able to hold down a job, not being able to perform well academically, avoiding social activities, or being unable to manage healthy relationships, among many other potential areas of dysfunction.

In some cases, a mental illness may be less severe, and although a person experiences symptoms, they are still able to function normally, or almost normally, most of the time. This is referred to as a high-functioning person or mental illness. It is important to remember that high-functioning is not the same as fully-functioning. With this type of depression there is still some impairment. When someone is able to function but still experiences significant symptoms of depression, it is called persistent depressive disorder. Previously this mental illness was called dysthymia and is sometimes still referred to by that term.

4 thoughts on “Mental Health {5} ~ High Functioning Depression”

    1. Indeed my friend, we are all here to aid eachother and walk eachother home. Things don’t have to be this way; just one conversation or hug can change a person’s life. It’s about getting to the root of the issue I believe and healing with community and love; to find the magic in life again. Hoping you’re well and thanks for coming by DiosRaw. Blessed. 🙏🏻♥️


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