Philosophical Questions {171} ~ What Are The Most Important Issues Of Our Time?

I believe some of the most important issues of our time include ~ missing children, the pandemic of loneliness, poverty, the elites taking all Resources, wars, abuse, mental-health and spiritual health.

Feel free to share your thoughts below…

6 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {171} ~ What Are The Most Important Issues Of Our Time?”

  1. Excuse me while I tighten my tinfoil propellor hat…

    Manipulation of thoughtforms via sponsored media; especially biased and often falsified curricula designed to impart ethnomasochism in host populations which in turn backfires and created unnecessary hostilities between groups,

    collaboration between banking/government bodies and media to increase force of manipulation; the calculated economic and social destruction of critics and dissidents against the above,

    the commoditisation of children, the dumbing down and indoctrination of education in conjunction with the deterioration of parental involvement with that sector; the unnatural hostilities between parental and child generations,

    the destruction of the labour economy and the rise of the designed obsolescent economy; the unsustainability of our current globalist, commercialistic placebo “free” market,

    the automation and mechanisation of work sectors resulting in increased economic disparity; creating tensions between classes which are unnatural,

    wholesale loss of self-determination among citizenry to do things like maintain freedom of association and other formerly basic rights; the destruction of various cultures through propaganda and unsustainable and mutually toxic fiscally motivated migratory patterns.

    Country music.

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  2. A split in the human collective has allowed the negative group to prey on the rest. They are being dealt with in a secret war, only when they are cleaned out can the building of The New Age begin.

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