We are old

A romantic soul

Shackled to the chasm abyss

Of this tethered, mortal body

Floating through speckled figments and fragments

Of a mythological narrative of dreams

You say we’re strangers

But countless times you and I

Met along the interconnected highway

Passing faces, footprints of traces

When I gaze into your portals I see myself

I have known you, I have seen you

We all know eachother yet do not

Do you believe in past lives? If so, what do you believe you were and in what form?

And, if the past, present and future are simultaneously occurring at once..

Then does the concept of past lives/future lives/present lives exist?

We lives many lives within this one, and what when all is said and done?

Ultimately we bind to the lighthouse of brahman’s abode, congealed into this pure energetic drizzle

The energy of consciousness evolving mathematically visible yet invisible

Shape-shifting forms passing through the gates of eternity

Close yet far

Just as a desert always kisses the mirage of water but never tastes it.

~DiosRaw, Amber Victoria, 09/04/22

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