Symbols {205} ~ Bellerophon

The Bellerophon symbol is one of a man on a winged horse. Bellerophon lived in Ancient Greece. He was the son of Eurynome, the queen of Corinth, and Poseidon, god of the sea. After killing someone he was banished from Corinth. Bellerophon was then taken in as a guest by King Proetus. The king’s wife wanted to sleep with Bellerophon but he turned her down. She took umbrage and accused Bellerophon of raping her. The king could not kill Bellerophon because he was a guest so Proteus sent Bellerophon to his father-in-law. King Proteus included a tablet that told his father-in-law what Bellerophon had done. On the tablet, Proteus instructed his father-in-law to kill Bellerophon. King Proteus’ father-in-law, King Iobates, did not read the tablet at first and invited Bellerophon into his house as a guest. By the time Iobates read the tablet he could not kill Bellerophon so he gave him some impossible quests.

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