Did You Know {206} ~ Eastern Screech Owls Keep Blind Snakes As Pets

This is a special post for Joanna.

An owl inviting a snake to live in the nest with its babies may sound like the plot of a film, yet nature is full of unlikely partnerships, and in Texas, screech owls do have a habit of bringing tiny blind snakes home with them. Eastern screech owls can be found all over eastern North America. These snakes help the owls by getting rid of any parasites or larvae so that the owl’s babies can grow stronger and faster. The snakes hang around and eat a lot which they don’t seem to mind until the nestlings hatch then they slither down to find a new home underground. This is an example of symbiosis between organisms when both species benefit from eachother.

4 thoughts on “Did You Know {206} ~ Eastern Screech Owls Keep Blind Snakes As Pets”

  1. Dear Amber, thank you! You might not believe me but some of your stories I know by heart! The owl is one of them. What I meant is if you have more interesting facts,like yesterday’s, you will have my full attention and my gratitude too.


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