Guest Post {38} ~ A Defect Looking For A Character

This is a guest post from Michael Kirk Partrick ~

At the age of 29 I was a chronic alcoholic , I had just spent nearly a year in a mental hospital recovering from delirium tremens DTs, and mental health problems because of my addiction to alcohol. I was released from hospital and immediately started drinking again. My local doctor gave me three months to live in 1974. I had been drinking for 14 years, I was unwashed, and reduced to wearing rags with large holes in my shoes, full of fear and impending doom ,I could not go on any longer and suicide seemed a good option to take. I tried to drown myself but failed because the instinct to swim was too strong for me to resist. I heard of the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous and decided as a last hope for me to go along. Here I met a burly Scottish man who looked at me in rags and said I was like you once, you are a defect looking for a character, and if you go into the meeting and open both your ears and shut your mouth , you might very well find a character within you and find sobriety as well my son. That man who was not NICE to me, rather he was REAL and VALID his words about me being a defect looking for a character, still ring in my ears after forty seven years, that man gave me the words of life, and I have been sober and well for forty seven years, am retired and share my sobriety with others who need hope and encouragement as I did decades ago.

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6 thoughts on “Guest Post {38} ~ A Defect Looking For A Character”

  1. Bless you on your sobriety! So glad you are here and sharing your journey! Those words “defect looking for a character” I can relate to as well. As someone on a healing journey myself, I have felt damaged and still feel different than others who do not have a history similar to mine. I am often looking for someone like me (“…looking for a character”). How wonderful this man’s words resonated with you and you are sharing over 40 years later. Blessings and peace to you! 🤍🦋✨

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