Philosophical Questions {172} ~ If You Could Teach The Entire World Just One Concept, What Would It Be & Why?

If I could teach the world one concept, it would be that love is the answer. I believe love is the answer, love is the fabric of the cosmos, love binds us and entangles us; love is at the foundations and hinges of reality. Whatever the question, love is always the answer in our deeds, actions, thoughts and words. If love is not the answer, then perhaps the question could be altered! I believe love is at the root of every solution. What do you get when you boil things down to the true base? Boil it down… Boil it down and what lies at the foundation? Are you operating from a place of love or fear? By saying love is the answer, it indicates that no matter the situation or question, acting from a place of love will provide the answers you want and need.


🔷️”Love is the only answer, regardless of the question.” ~ Dr. Prem Jagyasi

🔷️”Whatever the question, love is the answer.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

🔷️”Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.” ~ John Lennon

Remember you are never alone. You are loved, valued and appreciated. Thank you for being a part of this community.

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12 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {172} ~ If You Could Teach The Entire World Just One Concept, What Would It Be & Why?”

  1. I agree love is the answer for all the questions.
    Instead of being plenty in quantity ….it has become scarce!
    Again we have no answer.
    Is not every question is supposed to have answer?
    Don’t say ‘ love’ is the answer.
    Because ‘love’ is misunderstood even misused!
    My friend ‘true love’ is a farce.
    Everybody is selfish that includes all of us living and breathing.
    Thanks for a provoking post

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  2. Do to other people what you would have done to you and expect nothing in return. That alone has proved to be a challenging perspective but well worth the result in those times it manifests.

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  3. Jiva Ishvara Aikyam (Merging of human soul to the cosmic soul) – capturing the limitless beyond the limited barrier – love in simple ways may one avoid establishing the logical postulates in an arena not available for logic (subject matter of ancient religious and experiential wisdom) whereas Maya (illusion) expertise is to appear as if mixing stuff which are never capable of mixing. Hope I have given enough yawn and brain raising tales.

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