Of man be there may be two or three or a multiplex of you

One mirroring whilst a scryer pierces through

Where one utters the other is silenced

Mere whispers exchanged in this interchanging liminal feud

So in this blurred intersection, where there is no reflection

Then what man of man be the truth?

What man of man be the truth as he stands here split in two?

This single man in double kaleidoscopic view

A multi facet that will reveal itself in time due

A facet only glimpsed in certain light, gone unnoticed by friends

See the chimera for what it truly is

To run away or run towards?

The monster

Was me, yet not “me”

Was mine, yet not mine


Turning to the opaque translucency of an oracle globe

Looking into my eyes and realizing

There was no Jekyll, there was no Hyde

There was just brain chemicals, trauma, isolation and protective mechanisms to slither within my spine

Wither, within my mind doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

One coin, two sides

And when one cannot take rule, the pair will end their days bound in tandem

In the dual

Of the omnipresent jewel.

~DiosRaw, Amber Victoria, 18/04/22

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