~Aparticipatory Delusional Syndrome {ADS}~

Aparticipatory Delusional Syndrome (ADS for short) is based on the deluded assumption that we are separate from and not participating in calling forth the very situation in the outside world to which we are reacting and object-ing. ADS effectively immobilizes and renders inoperative our ability to self-reflect, as it relates to the world through the fixed and non-negotiable lens of assumptions that the world ‘object-ively’ exists, independent of ourselves. When we are stricken with ADS, we react to our perceptions and interpretations as if they exist inherently and independently in the object (the world), instead of realizing they are automatic reflex-ions (of the way we are looking) and are thus always revealing the subject (ourselves). In an unconscious ‘reflex,’ we then try to ‘attack’ the problem from the wrong point of view (externally), instead of approaching its source, which is within ourselves. ADS is a ‘semantic syndrome’ in which we are mis-interpreting the nature of our experience, subtly but significantly altering the way our mind gives meaning to and contextualizes our experience of the universe as well as ourselves.

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