As dainty willow saplings undulate and oscillate

In the moaning saunters of breeze

Budding bodies writhe in contortions

Your denomination, designation, reposes betwixt my reclining lips

Like an orison invocation

Or conceivably honeyed saccharine

A sublime and exalted savor on the surmount of his tongue

The flambeau interior in this dimly lit room simmers

Still she blazes and incinerates of ambrosial amrita

Spheriod beads of your transudation warp

From the intense gravity of those dense but sensuous orbs

Our juices detour like a rivulet

Billowing into the whorl of dazzling navels


An illicit, evocal, extracting clandestine

A maverick desire

A reverie circumscribed in the alcove recess of cerebral

Our anatomicals pulsating by the notes of gentle amiable amicable symphonies, mellifluous

And we adhere

Dual elements merging, amalgamating monism.

~DiosRaw, Amber Victoria, 19/04/22

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