~The Dreaming Up Process~

In a process that happens in, over and outside of time, when two or more people come together, projections activate counter-projections and create a mutually shared dream of relationship. For example, say I have an unhealed wound in my psyche. If I go to sleep tonight and dream, my unhealed wound will be sure to show up in my dreams, as my night dreams are a projection or reflection of my inner process. In a similar way, I will unconsciously connect the dots and give meaning to the inkblot called waking life, so as to dream up into materialization my inner process that needs resolution. I will unconsciously dream up and attract to myself someone in the outer world with whom to play out my unhealed, inner process. All it takes is the slightest “hook” in the other upon which I can hang my projection. The hook is like a piece of velcro where my projection becomes lodged, as it is where the other buys into (and secretly agrees with) my projection. Even though the part of them that has a resonance with my projection might be 1% of who they are, my attention will tend to focus on this 1% of them as being all of who they are. Jung comments, “The moment one forms an idea of a thing and successfully catches one of its aspects, one invariably succumbs to the illusion of having caught the whole.” My focusing on and relating to only one part of the other will amplify this particular quality in them, making it more likely that they will step into and embody this very quality, providing all the evidence I need to prove to myself even more that this is who they actually are, further entrenching me in my viewpoint of seeing them this way, which only serves to further draw this quality out of them, in a self-confirming and self-perpetuating feedback loop which becomes a mutually created self-fulfilling prophecy.

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