~Finding The Name~

It is to our great advantage to expand our psycho-spiritual fluency so as to enable us to navigate the living waters of our inner landscape of the psyche. For example, when we “see” a demon, we know its name, which helps us to get a “handle” on it. Jung says, “For mankind it was always like a deliverance from a nightmare when the new name was found.” Naming is exorcistic, as it dis-spells the demon’s power over us. This is the power of the Logos, of the Word. Like it says in the Bible, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” (John 1:1).When we find the name of a demon, we take away its omnipotence and autonomy, as it can no longer take us over through our unconscious blind spots and compel us to unwittingly act it out. Finding the name empowers us to creatively engage with these darker parts of ourselves that are emerging from the shadows “in the name of healing.” Jung says that “The act of naming is, like baptism, extremely important as regards the creation of personality, for a magical power has been attributed to the name since time immemorial. To know the secret name of a person [or a demon] is to have power over him.” Finding the name is a creative act, an act of power which has the power to change our relationship to the archetypal powers of the universe. Jung comments, “The moment you can designate the lived archetype by its symbol, you feel relieved, that is a good and positive moment even if it is horrible…Therefore old Egyptian medicine consisted in giving the thing the right name…A new name always produces an extraordinary effect; we cannot rationalize these things, they cast a spell, they are symbols, they really do influence the unconscious as the unconscious influences us.

2 thoughts on “~Finding The Name~”

  1. There is much power in a word. Knowing what it signifies is the first step, but most stop there, understanding and comprehension come to the curious who take it further. Good points, my friend!

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