Quotes {300} ~ When Maya Gives You A Rose You Feel Indebted

“When Maya (external world) gives you (the soul) a rose (good or bad experience), you feel indebted (Karmic Debt). You feel bound to give her company. When you realize that the Maya will go on even when you are not with her, you will get the courage to do the divine break-up. You will get liberation.” ~ Shunya

6 thoughts on “Quotes {300} ~ When Maya Gives You A Rose You Feel Indebted”

  1. Hi, all the peace be upon you. I was in the park today, staring out at the green meadows. A little train was chugging along with kids and their parents looking around for something interesting at the rather plain scenery. I turned my head to my right and could see a far distance away. You can see the elevated bridge in which cars one by one enter the motorway. They are juxtaposed with the endless blue horizon. I felt a tinge of insecurity. I wonder what adventures the people in those cars where going out into, what important places they had to be, what new things they had to see, while I was just sitting there alone in my car. I wondered what those families in the train were going to do later, and how happy they could be with company. And then I looked deeper. I was the people on the train, I was the people who had somewhere to go. I’ve had those life experiences before and I will again. Everyone’s time on Earth is limited, which means every second is infinitely priceless. Every moment of yours is yours and yours alone. In my limitation as a ‘slave’ I have it all. So then, I could see beyond those greens and blues and saw ‘white’. Beyond those multitude of faces and saw the Master. Peace.

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