~Light Codes~

Are you receiving Light Code symbols? Seeing geometric symbols in meditation?

If you see shapes or colors in meditation, you may be receiving Light Codes.

Light Codes are energy patterns that all of creation emits and within them is encoded healing energy, thoughts, and imprinted emotions. 

When put together in a series, they are called a light language. 

Everything emits an energy pattern, even words. One could also say that words are the most familiar forms of Light Codes that we know today. 

Even words can be translated into symbols and patterns known as energy codes or Light Codes.

We don’t need words to emit energy patterns, though. 

All we need is a living body. When we tune in, all living bodies emit energy, and within that energy are patterns called codes. 

We may even be able to see these patterns emitted to us from the universal collective around.

Some people have seen these patterns, codes shared in light, and created books based on them. 

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