4 thoughts on “Notes {1658}”

  1. “Always be in love with a soul, not a face”. Maybe this is one reason God concealed Himself as to teach us this concept. Rumi alludes to this I think, when Shams went missing Rumi connected it as an allegory for the divine experience, which nature and people are supposed to help you understand. Not visible, Shams was ‘all soul’ now. Oh, how the sharp contrast sliced his ‘meaning’ to ooze forth. A chapter in the Quran, funnily enough called “Shams” of all names, is the chapter with the focal point of the soul. In it even the sun, moon, day, night, sky, earth act with soul. It features a pregnant camel as representing the soul, how it is to be watered, and not killed and buried, which a civilization focusing just on superficial technological progress (Thamud) did to it, thus representing their own refusal of their own souls. When the Grand Soul, which all truth and reality exudes from and orbits around, entered to impact the scene, Thamud got physically buried as a manifestation of the reality of their soul’s burial. (Sorry for the ramble, something came over me haha)

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