Symbols {210} ~ Pearl’s

In order for a pearl to be created, a grain of sand or other irritants must enter a mollusk and stay there. The irritation of the sand causes the oyster to secrete layers of fluid to coat the irritant. These layers combine to form a pearl. The pearl as a feminine symbol comes from the forming of the pearl inside an oyster. The pearl is also a representation of the moon which is a feminine symbol. The pearl is also associated with death and rebirth in some ancient cultures.

In ancient China, dragons were depicted chasing a round orb. This orb is a pearl. The pearl symbolizes enlightenment, wisdom, and spiritual energy. The dragon was chasing spiritual enlightenment. Pearls also symbolize hidden beauty and talent in the Chinese culture as they are found in plain mollusks. It is also a symbol of immortality and people would put a pearl-studded cloth with corpses to help prevent decay.

In the Hindu culture, the first pearl was found by Krishna which he gave to his daughter for her wedding. The pearl symbolizes purity and love. Pearls are associated with the moon.

In Ancient Greece, pearls were a symbol of love, light, and healing. They were associated with Aphrodite and Isis. Pearls were thought to be tears shed by Aphrodite. Zeus struck an oyster with a lightning bolt which ended up producing Aphrodite. She was a goddess who came from the sea naked, except for a string of pearls. Aphrodite is the goddess of love, passion, and pleasure. Isis is the goddess of the moon and protector of children. In Ancient Rome, pearls were considered symbols of purity as they came from the goddess Diana, who was the goddess of the moon.

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