~The Archetype Of The Negative Father~

Symbolically speaking, the prima materia, the very stuff which needs to be transformed in the alchemical opus, corresponds to lead, which relates to Saturn-Chronos, the negative father. One of the prima materia’s many symbols is a weak and infirm old man, the mythic dying king, or “senex.” This figure of the negative father has (arche)typically lost touch with feeling, with eros, with relatedness, with creativity, with the heart, with compassion, and with love. The archetypal, negative patriarchy has to do with the suppression of the feminine, of spontaneity, of life itself. The negative father is dissociated from mother nature and the environment, which it objectifies and tries to dominate, instead of being in relationship with. This figure of the rigid-old-man-negative-father is symbolic of a calcification of consciousness which, out of fear of its own weakness, holds onto and becomes addicted to power and control, dictating to all who fall under its dominion. The archetype of the negative father has to do with dominating and using force (“might makes right”) over others, as compared to being in a reciprocal, dialectical relationship. The dying old man symbolically represents a dominant position in consciousness which has outlived its usefulness, and thus becomes an obstacle to the growth and development of consciousness. This archetypal figure of the negative father is in need of being liquefied and de-solidified, of being given an alchemical bath in the healing waters of the psyche. To be under the spell of Saturn-Chronos, the dark father, “Father Time,” is to be entranced and absorbed in linear, “chrono-logical” time at the expense of the timeless, “syn-chronic” dimension of our being. Saturn, the corrupted patriarchy, mythologically speaking, is the governor of the prison, the one who binds us and seemingly limits our freedom, while simultaneously being the supreme tester and great purifier. Encoded in seemingly hidden form within this archetype is our own intrinsic power, as it challenges us to find and speak our true voice, access and step into our place of empowerment and true authority, and in so doing potentially connect with the intrinsic wholeness of the Self. Due to its initiatory aspect, the archetype of the negative father is an unmediated expression of the Self, but in its darker aspect.

6 thoughts on “~The Archetype Of The Negative Father~”

  1. Saturn is my ruling planet and he is certainly a hard task master, making me aware of time, all the time. He is indeed quite dark, physical, dense, as is lead associated with the planet. When I was studying astrology about 30 years ago (yikes!), the Huber school associated Saturn with the mother, not the Moon, which is more typical. I found that interesting, in that traditionally at least, in most societies, the mother has been the early teacher, the grounder, the bringer of routine into a child”s life. Conversely, in German (and Old English) the sun is feminine and the Moon is masculine. Now isn’t that intriguing? Nice post.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Francis, how fascinating.. I am intrigued by the duality of the feminine and masculine and their representations through various cultures and such through time.. What really is the truth? Blessed. 🙏🏻♥️

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