11 thoughts on “Philosophical Questions {178} ~ How Did You Get Through Your Darkest Moment In Life?”

  1. I waited.

    Sounds like lame advice, but somebody put it to me this way: when being crushed by the waves, in order to survive it’s best to relax and let them pass over you. Obviously not when in an actual ocean. I’ve found that I’m better off for it later.

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  2. Writing in a gratitude journal everyday several years ago, helped me get through a difficult time. It forced me to recognize the positive in my life. Meditation, prayer, and rest also help, and a knowing that “this too shall pass.”

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  3. It took a combination of patience, soul-searching coupled with spiritual growth, and acceptance. Though the biggest contribution came from realizing someone become a candle in the darkness and that I had become the same for her. Sometimes I feel as if I responsible for her darkest moments. I know I shattered her mind and soul with the hammer of desperation in my darkest moments. Despite that she was still willing to a shinning ball of light in the dark. Through her I saw my best self. Through her I knew redemption could be achieved. I knew I could be a light in the darkness as well if I was willing to be one. Sometimes I feel as if I am never entirely rid of the darkness. In ways it feels like through her I came to realize that light and shadow are one. That without knowing one the other cannot be appreciated. That being a light for each other allowed us to see our own shadows and learn to love them, our whole selves, and each other.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this Vincent, how beautifully vulnerable and powerful. Your insights are appreciated and resonate on a deep level. To understand the other, we understand ourselves and vice-versa. Blessed. 🙏🏻♥️


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