3 thoughts on “~Shaktipat~”

      1. I think maybe. The thing I remember most is a dream I had. In the dream, my “I” had been strained out like through a sieve and existed as consciousness. I was “floating” in space, but it was more like I had dissolved into the cosmos. Pure emptiness. Blackness. The black became a kind of grey blur, like smoke without movement. and slowly it gathered and pulsed until it took on shapes, at first it took on the shape of a wolf, and then a raven’s claw, and from the raven’s claw opened up an Eye. Which I took to be the Eye of Odin, for at the time I was abandoning Christendom and returning to Heathendom.

        When I awoke the next morning, I felt like a different person. It was like the ick I had felt before had been sucked out of me. And I felt empty, but not in a bad way. It took weeks before I felt “myself” again, but even then. I never felt the same.

        That’s why my cognomen is Seaxwulf, after the wolf I saw in the dream.

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