Symbols {212} ~ Dakini

The word Dakini means sky dweller or sky dancer. In Tibetian Buddhism, Dakini are the most sacred aspect of the feminine principle embodying divinity and humanity in feminine form. Dakinis can be beautiful, ugly, vicious, playful, and nurturing as the context demands. They can be ugly to remind people that inner peace does not always come with outward beauty. Dakinis can be a woman or a goddess and they can be wrathful or peaceful. They represent the ever-changing flow of energy that a yogi must be able to contain to become actualized.

In Tibetan Buddhism, Dakini is heavenly female messengers, female emanations of the Buddha, and inspirations of the yogi. They symbolize female energy which is most often creative, but sometimes destructive. There are four classes of Dakini including secret, inner, outer, and outer outer classes. Originally Dakini were witches and fairies, but then they were taken into Buddhism.

Dakini are separated into four main classes: prajnaparamita, or the secret class; the inner class; the outer class; and the outer outer class. The secret class of Dakini focuses on the empty nature of reality and the perfection of transcendent wisdom. The inner class is a meditational deity symbolized by the mandala who like the Buddha is fully enlightened and helps others experience enlightenment. The outer class of Dakini is symbolized by tantric meditation creating a body that is as enlightened as to the mind. The outer outer class is a Dakini in human form. She may take the form of a consort of a yogi or a yogi herself.

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  1. As always, Great Job DiosRaw

    The sacred symmetry between beautiful words of wisdom and pictures that tell their own story while complimenting your prose

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