~Microchimerism {Pregnancy/Abortion Phenomenon}~

“A study from the International Journal of Epidemiology outlines a biological phenomenon known as microchimerism. During pregnancy, the mother and child exchange small quantities of cells. The ongoing cellular presence of this child in the mother’s body later in life is called microchimerism. Microchimerism means every mother has a biological connection with every child created in her womb at a cellular level until she dies. This cellular situation was discovered when researchers found male DNA in a woman who had never given birth. In questioning this woman after the Y chromosomes were discovered in her brain, they learned she had aborted a child. Researchers theorized that her aborted child must have been a boy and that some of his DNA remained in her body. Cells of unborn children remain in the bodies of their mothers – whether they are aborted or brought to birth.

If you have never experienced an abortion, understand that many around you may have made this choice. Whenever the abortion topic is discussed, please offer compassionate statements to potential post-abortive listeners.”

Source ~ https://www.prcco.org/biological-impacts-abortion/

One thought on “~Microchimerism {Pregnancy/Abortion Phenomenon}~”

  1. This is a helpful concept. My wife swears up and down that she can still feel all the the miscarriages (not abortions for us) around. I never knew there was a word for it.

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