4 thoughts on “~MADMAN & SHAMAN~”

  1. Funny you should mention this, because I learnt from my Quran 68:4 that one of the hallmark features of someone who is not mad is that they have an excellent character. Good manners.
    They deal with people maturely, assess the situation with insight and a collected head, and realize good manners are the path of wisdom. That’s you Amber.

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  2. I love this and would like to use your quote, by elaborating on it in a blog post. I want to talk about the term madman and shaman as an archetype from a psychological perspective. I would of course reference your blog post and website. discerninggal.com Please let me know if this is acceptable.


  3. The idea that one leaves what is commonly called “reality” which is a perspective, and then returns to share what’s learned and perceived, is indeed a shamanistic path. I think that’s why they deserve the titles of guides and explorers. Well said, my friend.


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