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Did You Know {178} ~ Shark Attacks Threaten The Internet

People over at Google deal with shark attacks that threaten the internet. And this isn’t a new problem. Back in 1987, The New York Times reported that it was an issue with phone lines at the time due to the fact that “sharks have shown an inexplicable taste for the new fiber-optic cables that are being strung along the ocean floor linking the United States, Europe, and Japan.”

Did You Know {177} ~ There Was A Pre-Historic Dragonfly That’s Wings Spanned More Than Two Feet

More than 300 million years ago, the Meganeura established itself as the largest known flying insect to ever exist on Earth. The dragonfly-like creature had a wingspan that stretched around 2.5 feet. The bugs were also big enough to hunt prey like frogs and newts, which it could eat with its teeth-like mandibles.

Did You Know {176} ~ Birds In Minnesota Get Drunk Off Berries

In October 2018, the Gilbert Minnesota Police Department issued a public notice about birds that appeared to be “under the influence.” It turns out that the airborne animals were apparently eating berries that had fermented due to early frost, which was making them “tipsy.” Unfortunately, this meant that the buzzed birds were acting confused and flying into windows. Hopefully, they were able to sleep it off.

Did You Know {175} ~ Shakespeare Invented More Than 1,700 Words

Shakespeare wrote some of the most beloved and revered pieces of literature the world has ever known, but in order to craft his plays and poems, he sometimes resorted to making up his own words. In fact, The Bard is said to have come up with more than 1,700 words including moonbeam, laughable, eyeball, bump, puking, champion, bedroom, excitement, and zany.

Did You Know {174} ~ Japan Is Suffering From A Ninja Shortage

If you ever dreamed of being a ninja, now might be the time to make it a reality. The Japanese city of Iga, which has a rich history of martial arts masters and claims to be the birthplace of the ninja, suffered from a ninja shortage in 2018, despite the fact that they’re willing to pay salaries as high as $85,000 for the performative ninjas.

Did You Know {173} ~ The Man Who Invented The Polio Vaccine Could Have Made Billions By Patenting It, But Purposefully Didn’t

When Jonas Salk created the polio vaccine, he could have patented it and made an estimated $7 billion, according to Forbes. Instead, he chose not to do that. On April 12, 1955, when CBS’s Edward R. Morrow asked the scientist who owned the rights to the vaccine, Salk replied, “Well, the people, I would say. There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?”

Did You Know {172} ~ Smiles Are Innate, Not Learned

It’s heartening to know that your most joyful reaction is something you’re simply born wanting to do. “Individuals blind from birth could not have learned to control their emotions in this way through visual learning, so there must be another mechanism,” San Francisco State University psychologist David Matsumoto said in a statement. “It could be that our emotions, and the systems to regulate them, are vestiges of our evolutionary ancestry.

Did You Know {171} ~ Bats Sing Love Songs

Humans aren’t the only creatures who sing to our sweeties—lots of animals do, too! In one notable 2009 study published in the journal PLOS One, researchers in Texas found that Brazilian free-tailed bats have distinguishable syllables and phrases that they use as love songs to attract suitors.

“The sounds are made in a specific, arranged pattern to form a song, and there are actually organized sequences within each phrase. They are made to attract and lure nearby females,” lead researcher Kirsten Bohn said in a statement.

Did You Know {170} ~ Cats Bring Humans “Presents” Because They Think We Can’t Hunt For Ourselves

Your cat has your best interest in mind when she brings you that dead mouse. No, really—it’s true! “In the wild, cat mothers teach their young how to eat their food by bringing home dead or injured prey,” according to Live Science. “Domestic cats are no different. But in this modern age of spayed domestic cats, many female felines have no young to whom they need to pass on their hunting wisdom. By leaving a dead animal on the back porch, your cat is acting out its natural role.”

Did You Know {169} ~ Orgin Of The Eye Wink

Old English wincian ‘close the eyes’, of Germanic origin; related to German winken ‘to wave’, also to wince.

The meaning “close an eye as a hint or signal” is first recorded c. 1100; that of “close one’s eyes (to fault or irregularity)” first attested late 15c. Related: Winked; winking. “a quick shutting and opening of the eyes,” c. 1300, from wink (v.); meaning “very brief moment of time” is attested from 1580s

A wink is a facial expression made by briefly closing one eye. A wink is an informal mode of non-verbal communication usually signaling shared hidden knowledge or intent. However, it is ambiguous by itself and highly dependent upon additional context, without which a wink could become misinterpreted or even nonsensical.