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Did You Know {107} ~ Children Of Identical Twins Are Genetically Siblings, Not Cousins

Cousins whose parents are identical twins share 25 percent of their DNA, instead of the usual 12.5 percent. While full-siblings share 50 percent of their DNA, half-siblings share 25 percent. That’s why, though children of identical twins are legally cousins, they are genetically the equivalent of half-siblings.

Did You Know {106} ~ Dolphins Sleep With One Eye Open

Dolphins are known to be one of the smartest animals on the planet—possibly because they can conserve their brain power. Because they must be constantly on the lookout for predators, the marine mammals have developed a neat trick of maintaining partial consciousness even as part of their brain sleeps. Researchers have tested whether this “half sleep” negatively impacts the animals’ alertness during the day, but have found that even after five days of having their nocturnal alertness constantly tested, they’ve remained as alert and perceptive as ever.

Did You Know {105} ~ Signs Of An Abusive Relationship

Emotional abuse

Does your partner, or former partner, ever ~

~Belittle you, or put you down?
~Blame you for the abuse or arguments?
~Deny that abuse is happening, or play it down?
~Isolate you from your family and friends?
~Stop you going to college or work?
~Make unreasonable demands for your attention?
~Accuse you of flirting or having affairs?
~Tell you what to wear, who to see, where to go, and what to think?
~Control your money, or not give you enough to buy food or other essential things?

Threats and intimidation

Does your partner, or former partner, ever ~

~Threaten to hurt or kill you?
~Destroy things that belong to you?
~Stand over you, invade your personal space?
~Threaten to kill themselves or the children?
~Read your emails, texts or letters?
~Harass or follow you?

Physical abuse
The person abusing you may hurt you in a number of ways.

Does your partner, or former partner, ever ~

~Slap, hit or punch you?
~Push or shove you?
~Bite or kick you?
~Burn you?
~Choke you or hold you down?
~Throw things?

Sexual abuse
Sexual abuse can happen to anyone, whether they’re male or female.

Does your partner, or former partner, ever ~

~Touch you in a way you don’t want to be touched?

~Make unwanted sexual demands?
~Hurt you during sex?
~Pressure you to have unsafe sex – for example, not using a condom?
~Pressure you to have sex?

If your partner, or former partner, has sex with you when you don’t want to, this is rape.

~Have you ever felt afraid of your partner or former partner?

~Have you ever changed your behaviour because you’re afraid of what your partner, or former partner, might do?

~If you believe you are in an abusive relationship please seek help before it goes too far. Have you got someone you can talk to about it? There is help out there for you when you take the leap into freedom. Take a Google of services or helplines in your area. Or you can email me, my email is on this blog’s connect page.

Did You Know {104} ~ There’s A Company That Turns Dead Bodies Into An Ocean Reef

For those who romanticize a burial at sea, the company Eternal Reefs offers an innovative solution. It mixes the cremated remains of a person with concrete to create a “pearl” onto which loved ones can etch personal messages, handprints or (environmentally friendly) mementos. The pearl is then encased in a “reef ball” that is dropped into the sea, where it provides a new habitat for fish and other sea life, helping encourage a vibrant ecosystem. The circle of life at work!

Did You Know {103} ~ How Far Can A Dog Hear?

Sounds have waves. The frequency of sound is how close together the sound waves are. The closer together the waves, the higher the frequency or pitch. You can think of this like the beach during a storm, when waves hit the beach more often.

Dogs and people hear about the same at low frequencies of sound (around 20Hz). This changes at high frequencies of sound, where dogs hear up to 70-100kHz, much better than people at only 20kHz. Dogs hear sound frequencies at least three times as high compared to people.

You may have wondered how those special silent dog whistles work? They make high-frequency sounds that dogs can hear but we can’t. Because dogs can hear higher frequencies than us, there are a lot more sounds for dogs to hear.

They can also hear sounds that are softer or farther away, as far as a kilometre. That means dogs can be more sensitive to loud sounds. This is why some dogs are scared of fireworks or thunderstorms. It is also why a dog might bark at a sound you cannot hear.

Did You Know {101} ~ We Care More About A Single Person Than About Massive Tragedies

In another University of Pennsylvania study, one group learned about a little girl who was starving to death, another learned about millions dying of hunger, and a third learned about both situations. People donated more than twice as much money when hearing about the little girl than when hearing the statistics—and even the group who’d heard her story in the context of the bigger tragedy donated less. Psychologists think that we’re wired to help the person in front of us, but when the problem feels too big, we figure our little part isn’t doing much.

Did You Know {100} ~ We {Unintentionally} Believe What We Want To Believe

Humans are victim to something called confirmation bias: the tendency to interpret facts in a way that confirms what we already believe. So no matter how many facts you throw at your uncle trying to sway his political opinions, there’s a good chance he isn’t going to budge. It’s one of the psychology facts you’ll just have to accept that you can’t change sometimes.