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Let go of the focus on darkness, start lighting candles. A candle is something which aids people to see reality more truthfully. Plant those seeds in the subconscious of all the energies we intertwine with. The best thing you can do for the world is to become a candle. And the more light we can create as a unified consciousness, the less devils will flourish in our midst, for devils can only thrive in the shadows. For the shadows are us, separation is an illusion, send love to the darkness, recognise the duality delusion. ~ DiosRaw


Our soul song is one rich note in a vast cosmic orchestra, it presents alone in its beauty, but it also contributes to the harmony of the whole; the music of the spheres. An orchestra tuning up before a concert. At first, it is a dissonant din of different voices, but as they tune themselves with each other, in the last moments before the curtain opens, the instruments resonate together spectacularly and converge beyond duality into transcendence. ~ DiosRaw