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~Shinto Konkokyo~

“There is Japanese sect of Shinto called Konkokyo. Kami is the Japanese word for God.

You can read about the Konkokyo’s metaphysics and descriptions of Kami on it’s Wikipedia page.

You will see many similarities to what I teach about Kami. For example:

“God is named ‘Tenchi Kane no Kami-Sama’ which can mean ‘Golden spirit of the universe.’ Kami (God) is also seen as infinitely loving and powerful.”

— Wikipedia

Why is it that some dude on YouTube in the 21 century teaches the same basic stuff that was taught by some obscure sect hundreds of years ago in Japan?

Is this just an accident?

Find out for yourself.”

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~Wounded Psyche~

“What you need to understand from this is that a psyche stuck in a low-consciousness state gets embroiled in a toxic, destructive energy pattern that makes fascistic action look appealing. Those of us who are not stuck in such a state often wonder how it is that people can act in such an obviously “evil” manner. Well, when you’re stuck in a low state of consciousness, your life feels like shit, you are disconnected from love, you don’t know how to properly receive or give love, your mind is governed by fear and bitterness, and so dominating and hurting others becomes one’s reason for living. For a wounded psyche, hurting others is actually enjoyable and it can even become a sense of life purpose. A life purpose can be construction or destructive. The less conscious you are, the more selfish you are, the more destructive your life purpose will tend to be.

Just try to imagine what life would be like if your life purpose was to exterminate an entire race who you saw as parasites responsible for ruining the world. It sounds fantastical, but plenty of people are so bitter, their connection to life is so shallow, that this becomes appealing.

It shows you the enormous range and diversity of motivation that a psyche can have. People who experience and interpret reality is radically different ways end up having radically different motivations and values. Consciousness is extremely flexible and fluid in this regard — much more so than people believe. Consciousness’s range for constructing a psyche is astounding. There are so many different possible kinds of psyches, not just a handful.”

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~The Meta-Problem~

“The meta-problem with all such “intellectuals” is that they are not construct-aware. In other words, their own mind is not conscious of how it is constructing, imagining, and projecting symbolism and meaning onto reality.

The Universe is a field of consciousness that dreams up symbols, meanings, and ideas, and spins them into coherent, life-like narratives.

Consider this: your life is not a biological or physical process or phenomenon. Rather, your life is a narrative spun by Universal Mind, of which biology and physicality are sub-narratives. The Universe is a not a physical system, the Universe is a Mind which spins the narrative that physical systems exist outside of a narrative. “The brain”, “the body”, and “the world” are not things that Mind occurs in, they are elements of a narrative that Mind is spinning. Mind itself is unlimited and not bound by any physical constraints or needs. In other words, a brain cannot exist without Mind, but Mind has no problem existing without a brain. The key insight is to realize that Mind is more fundamental than brain or atoms. Until you realize this, you do not grasp the significance of what reality is.

But anyhow, the key for not deluding oneself is to be conscious that whatever interpretations you’re making, to recognized them as part of your reality-construction-project. Until you accomplish this you will keep getting lost in your own interpretations, confusing them for an objective material world.”

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~A Society Built On Psychedelics~

“What many Westerns do not appreciate is that there exist societies built entirely on psychedelics. Societies in which EVERY member has direct psychedelic experience with the spiritual world. In such a society, when someone mentions “spirits” it is not a dogma or superstition — they have an actual reference experience to which that word points, very much the opposite of the West.

Such societies still exist in remote regions of South America and Africa.

One native tribe in Ecuador — the Shuar — has a special psychedelic brew for babies, another one for children, another one for adults, and another one for their hunting dogs!

As another example, the Bwiti tribe in Gabon, Africa, uses the extremely powerful psychedelic root bark Iboga in a similar way. It’s not a secret reserved for reclusive shamans. Everyone in the tribe participates.

This is what true self-help looks like, what true psychotherapy looks like, what true philosophy looks like, what true religion looks like.

Just imagine how different Western society would be if every baby born from today onward was given psychedelics and every teen required to go on a psychedelically-fueled vision question. would be out of business. It’s because Western society doesn’t have these kinds of practices any more that we have so much neurosis, so many directionless people, and the need for and self-help.

Just some food for thought.

P.S. Do NOT try Iboga by yourself! Consuming it can be lethal and the trips can be hellish and last for days. That video was only shown to get across how native tribes do psychedelics. This is not something for you to emulate in your living room. Consider yourself warned.”

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~Gestalt Cube~

“Look at this cube until you experience a Gestalt shift.

Notice how radical of a shift in perspective your mind can experience with this very simple image. That gives you a little taste of what we mean when we say that reality is relative.

Now imagine, if you will, that existence itself is a relative notion. If you look at an object one way, it appears to exist. If you look at it another way, it ceases to exist. Poof! What was once a solid, physical object now looks like a hollow mirage. Where did the physicality go? Where did the cube above go? Its existence was a matter of perspective to being with.”

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~Creating Intelligence~

“Beyond merely a game, this video showcases two of the deepest aspects of intelligence: counter-intuitiveness and holism.

An inferior Go player cannot appreciate the move of a superior Go player because the inferior player lacks the scope of holistic vision necessary to put the move into its proper context. Therefore making the move counter-intuitive. The smartest move, seen from a narrow perspective, appears stupid. And to a fool, great wisdom appears like foolishness. Great wisdom can only be appreciated from a holistic enough perspective. Moves that seem bad from a small picture view are actually the highest good in the big picture view.

There is a deep analogy here between the intelligence of playing games and the intelligence of the structure of Universe. See, the finite human mind is unable to see the Infinite Intelligence and Love behind moves such as theft, murder, torture, abuse, suffering, pain, etc. That’s because understanding these things requires an infinitely wide view of the entire board.

Consider this possibility: if you became conscious enough to see the ENTIRE board of reality, and if you played through every possible scenario — infinite scenarios for an infinite number of years — what you’d realize is that reality is Perfect exactly as it is. Reality IS always the best possible move when seen from an infinitely holistic perspective.

If you think there is a problem with the world, that just means you’re not seeing far enough moves ahead. And if you’re seeing far enough ahead, then you will become unable to find a problem with the world.

There are no flaws. The design of reality is PERFECT. The only question is, will you ever become conscious enough to see it?”

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~Yoga For Enlightenment~

“If you’re serious about your personal development, I cannot recommend yoga enough. Learn it and start practicing ASAP.

But I don’t mean the Western-style yoga you see at your gym. I mean real Indian style yoga:

~Kundalini yoga
~Kriya yoga
~Tantra yoga
~Raja yoga
~Some Hatha yoga
There are many good systems and teachers available online these days.

Yoga practice is very important because it adds a physical and energetic dimension to your meditation and spiritual practice. This is vital because Western-style self-help (and even Neo-Advaita and Zen) is too intellectual. You tend to learn a lot of ideas, but gain little inner growth. And any lessons you happen to learn are not really translated to the level of your body or your vital energy.

Yoga will help you in many ways:

~It will free up energetic blockages in your body which are hard to fix any other way
~It will release pent up emotions
~It will vastly improve the quality of your breathing
~It will improve your posture and flexibility
~It will heal all kinds of chronic diseases like: chronic fatigue, cold hands and feet, allergies, migraines, ADD, high blood pressure, back pain, joint pain, thyroid imbalances, immune system problems, heart disease, PMS, depression, anxiety, insomnia, mental fog, etc.
~It will build discipline and willpower, reduce laziness
~It will increase your physical vitality
~It will reduce your sleep quota
~It will reduce stress and muscle tension
~It can double as physical exercise without needing a fancy gym. It’s like having a portable gym.
~It will gradually cleanse your Chakras and move Kundalini energy up your spine for spiritual awakening
~It will improve your meditation, concentration, and self-inquiry
~It will greatly reduce monkey mind and paralysis by analysis

Whichever yoga school you go with, make sure your yoga’s primary focus is spiritual development, NOT physical exercise. All physical postures should be a means of spiritual development, not a form of flexibility training. In proper yoga, postures are designed to iron out the energy blockages in your body FOR THE PURPOSE of deepening your ability to meditate.

I’ll be talking about specific types of yoga more in the future, as I experiment with various systems. For now, start doing your own research. The payoff will be immense.

Learning yoga is also a MUST if you’re going to be doing any serious meditation or solo retreats. Sitting for such long periods of time while neglecting your body is a wasted opportunity. Yoga will super-charge your retreats and get you more breakthroughs faster.

If you’re pursuing enlightenment and you feel stuck with meditation/self-inquiry, incorporate yoga into your daily practice ASAP. You need to bring your entire body along for this ride, not just your head. Enlightenment is not just a head thing. And if your body is in bad shape, from decades of bad food, chemicals, stress, bad posture, muscle tension, and disease, enlightenment may be practically impossible for you until you clear this up.

I will be adding a lot of yoga-related books to my book list in the future.”

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~Tribal Meeting~

“Amazing raw footage! Try to put yourself in the epistemic position of the tribesmen. Notice how their minds simply cannot make sense of what is happening. That’s because their limited paradigm cannot account for what is happening in their direct experience. It’s very much like a psychedelic breakthrough trip. It’s clearly real, but your mind has no clue how to explain it, and of course you’re terrified it might be dangerous.

This is exactly what it’s like for humans to meet advanced aliens. And exactly what it’s like for humans to meet God. God can be present in your direct experience but your mind will not be capable of making sense of what God is, let alone how it is possible that God could be YOU!

Humans who have never had a breakthrough dose of psychedelics are like those tribesmen, with no clue of the world that exists outside their little tribal village.

This video is also what it’s like for a materialist scientist to encounter mysticism. Mysticism is like that white man. It makes no sense to the rational mind because it’s so much more advanced.

Teaching about God feels like being that white guy trying to give food to those terrified and puzzled tribesmen. Imagine trying to explain to them what a video camera is.”

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~An Athiest’s Experience Of God~

“You cannot deny the validity of mystical experience by saying “they are just experiences” because EVERYTHING, including the brain, science, reason, and proof, are also just experiences. However you ground yourself in “reality” it will always be through experience. (Until you realize the Groundless Ground.) It does not matter whether your experiences and justifications of those experiences are religious or scientific — they are equally mental constructions.

Yes, of course, when mystical experiences happen at the stage Blue level of development, the ego-mind interprets them in a limited, orthodox, ego-centric, chauvinistic way. To then re-interpret them via the scientific materialist paradigm is to evolve one stage, but it is to still fundamentally misunderstand what they are.

What’s not being understood here is that the nature of reality is subjective and mind-constructed, and therefore “physical” reality can change if you just change the way you use your mind. This possibility is not taken seriously because Stage Blue and Orange underestimates reality. These stages assume that reality is a fixed, static thing, limited thing — which turns out to be a very mistaken metaphysical assumption.

Basically every atheist commits this mistake. They take it completely for granted that the metaphysics of modern science is correct and unquestionable. But it isn’t! The atheist fails to understand that spirituality isn’t about personal experience, it is about metaphysics.

These kinds of errors are the direct result of our culture’s marginalization of metaphysics and epistemology. Because our culture de-emphasizes it, very few people investigate it or take it seriously, believing that “metaphysics has no practical applications”. Well, here is your practical application! Lack of metaphysical depth leads to all sorts of fundamental errors in thinking — and what’s worse, these errors go completely unnoticed. Because to notice them would require doing metaphysics, which nobody wants to do! Therein lies the tragedy of mankind in the 21st century.”

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~Systems Thinking~

“You must begin by turning inwards. You begin by recognizing that all our collective problems are actually rooted right inside of you! How are you contributing to global warming? How are you contributing to corruption in politics? How are you contributing to terrorism? That’s where you start! And you better fucking believe that you’re contributing directly to these problems. That right there is whole the problem! See?

Trying to fix these problems by rallying people to some cause is actually part of the problem. Because it externalizes the problem so nobody bothers asking the really important question: How is my being in the world creating all the evil I see around me?

Here’s the paradox of systems thinking: we need more people to be socially conscious, but the only way to do that is get more people to turn inward. Systems thinking might seem like it’s asking you to orient outward (because the focus is on solving external problems like global warming or terrorism) but solving these problems first requires a radical turning inward. So you must turn inwards first, master your self and your understanding of systems, then you will turn outwards and transform the world in a responsible manner.

There can be no meaningful transformation of the world without a personal inner revolution. This is where most revolutionaries go wrong. If you just try to overthrow the government or start some kind of political action group, you will fail, because you lack the requisite inner development to lead such a group in a conscious and responsible manner. Your actions will also be misguided because you misunderstand the root problems. Your personal weaknesses and corruption will undermine you. If you start a movement without first expanding your own consciousness, you will deepen the problem because you will just spread ignorance.

An ignorant person cannot help spreading ignorance. This is a certainty. No ifs about it. Notice that this has been a huge trap across the centuries. When someone starts a movement without first taming their ego, the movement always backfires and leads to great evil. Closely study the development of religions, cults, Nazism, Marxism, anti-communism, existentialism, nihilism, post-modernism, Scientology, evangelical missionaries, the PUA community, Alex Jones, etc. All of these movements were created by people who haven’t mastered their own egos, and therefore they spread ignorance in the name of doing social good, actually creating the very same evil they are trying to stop.

The source of all evil is personal ignorance. Evil is not created with evil intentions. Evil is created with good intentions. The better you think your intentions are, the more evil you will create in the world, the more ignorance you will spread, because you will think you’re right, leaving no room for self-reflection. Evil is just a lack of self-reflection. That is all. So watch yourself!

Also, systems thinking is not just about manipulating systems. Many of the lower Spiral Dynamics stages like Red, Blue, and Orange can manipulate systems very successfully. A mob boss is very good at ruthlessly pushing through his egoic agenda. This is not systems thinking. This is shameless egotism. Systems thinking requires that you start to step outside your self-centered view of the world. You have to be conscious enough to step outside your own value system, and genuinely care about other beings besides your self and your tribe.

Stop using success, wealth, or fame as measures of systems thinking. Just because some businessman has made billions of dollars and has 10 luxury cars and a trophy wife, does NOT make him a systems thinker. Just the opposite in fact. It’s really easy to make money in a ruthless, unecological manner by exploiting a system. That is NOT systems thinking. That’s unchecked stage Red or stage Orange egotism.

If you feel that your perspective of the world is THE TRUTH, you’re not at stage Yellow.”

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