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Philosophical Questions {177} ~ What Is The Purpose Of Art?

The purpose of art I believe is to be a form of language, art is a form of expression. Its message may be symbolic or religious, historical or political. But the purpose of art is not simply to communicate a message, but more importantly, to elicit an emotional response, to ‘move’ us, in some way. Art is important in life because it is an expression of our soul. We communicate through our art and through it can express the intangible. As well, art adds beauty and meaning to our lives. Art is important to help people understand themselves better; it can make them more aware of what they feel and how they think. Art can help people accept new ideas and experience, it can help people appreciate other cultures, it can help people express themselves through art. It can help people connect with others. It can help people learn about history and culture. There are a multiplex of ways to see the concept of art and its purpose.

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Philosophical Questions {175} ~ Are People Natural-Born Leaders, Or Do They Develop The Traits Over Time?

Recent scientific studies suggest that leadership is 30% genetic and 70% learned. These findings propose that leaders are made not born. Ultimately, the answer is that both are true: a person can be born with natural leadership abilities, and someone can learn how to be a good leader throughout their lifetime by various influences. On a spiritual level I believe that past life qualities are carried into this life hence the natural sensation of becoming and being a leader in this lifetime in some cases or possibly more than we can see

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Philosophical Questions {173} ~ Why Do We Moan & Complain?

People complain for a wide complexity of reasons; some of those could be ~

Emotional regulation ~ Sometimes people complain as a way to manage their emotions. By “venting” their feelings, they hope to lessen the severity of these distressing sensations.

Mood ~ People may be more likely to complain when they are experiencing negative moods. The problem with this is that people complain more when they are in a bad mood, and their constant complaining then leads to further negative moods, creating a vicious perpetual cycle.

Personality ~ Research suggests that certain personality traits play a role in how frequently people complain. Perhaps not surprisingly, people who rate high on the trait called agreeableness are the least likely to complain.

Social factors ~ Other people can also influence how often people complain. Being around people who tend to complain a lot can make people more likely to air their own grievances. Shared complaining can also serve as a form of social bonding as a reminent of our ancient history of civilization building.

Complaining can be useful at times, particularly when it is done mindfully in order to address a problem. By limiting your complaining and using it to advocate for yourself, you can make sure that it serves a purpose rather than dragging you under.

Philosophical Questions {172} ~ If You Could Teach The Entire World Just One Concept, What Would It Be & Why?

If I could teach the world one concept, it would be that love is the answer. I believe love is the answer, love is the fabric of the cosmos, love binds us and entangles us; love is at the foundations and hinges of reality. Whatever the question, love is always the answer in our deeds, actions, thoughts and words. If love is not the answer, then perhaps the question could be altered! I believe love is at the root of every solution. What do you get when you boil things down to the true base? Boil it down… Boil it down and what lies at the foundation? Are you operating from a place of love or fear? By saying love is the answer, it indicates that no matter the situation or question, acting from a place of love will provide the answers you want and need.


🔷️”Love is the only answer, regardless of the question.” ~ Dr. Prem Jagyasi

🔷️”Whatever the question, love is the answer.” ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

🔷️”Love is the answer, and you know that for sure; Love is a flower, you’ve got to let it grow.” ~ John Lennon

Remember you are never alone. You are loved, valued and appreciated. Thank you for being a part of this community.

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