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Poetry By Eleanor & Amber {1} ~ Anam Cara

Extending tentacles of our presence, to chance serendipity of what may become; hands unfurled bare the gift of a fellow sister to dance this, at times, arduous earthly existence.

Approaching with the subtle grace of a flower beginning to bloom, petals slowly opening, swaying in the wind, soaking up every drop of morning dew; it is the fragility of new beginnings that reveal the beauty of our cosmic possibility.

And all at once, chemistries synergise, a connection formulates, deepening and expanding; intrigue pulls the magnetic resonance back and forth evaporating anxieties and past perceived brick walls.

Moving to a rhythm all our own, yet we hear the symbiotic beat of a drum, charging ahead – bada bum bum bum! Vulnerability or folly? I think it not the latter. On the field before us, the Lily and the Rose once resolute, are alone no longer.

Imaginary boundaries betwixt lands, intimate yet bittersweet physical distance. Offerings and sweet nectar of gifts for the soul spur the troubled mind to trudge along it’s melancholic path. Amnesia of time, the guards of the heart melt, days go by with conversations proliferating like wildfire, a soul connection amidst synchronicities.

Undoubtedly, we both can see how precious our friendship can and will be! Again and again, reaffirmed. Come now, let’s shake our trees, learn every branch, leaf, and twig. Inhibitions disappear and I am only myself with you—raw with such a fabulous view of what can be. Ah, how I relish in our sweet POSSIBILITY!

~By Eleanor {YouLilDickens} & Amber {DiosRaw}

Poetry By Anushka & Amber {1} ~ You Are The Guru You Are Seeking

Love is cradling the guru you are seeking within,
Love is knowing before the known,
Love is the bravery of the heart triumphing over the hesitation of the mind;
Love dances in multiple forms.

Love is all-encompassing
Love is divine and pure
Love may torment and wound
But it itself is the cure.

Love transcends yet permeates the membranes of the quantum maya realm.

Love is a profound serendipity,
Decked with its salubrity
In all its forms and facets,
Love has its own conviviality,
As love, for love’s sake, transcends mortality.
Love knows no bounds burning up in the bounded boundlessness of the eternal flame..

~By Anushka {AnushkaKhanduri} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Linda & Amber {2} ~ Four Seasons In The Mind Of Man

After the winter I drowned in the rain’s melodies
The breath within strengthened and prompted me to sing
A tune that relieves my pain with serenity

There are four seasons in the mind of man
Winter blues spread a fine white blanket atop the spiraling seasonal cyclical spinning of these rebirths
A recuperation, hermit mode, primal regenerating for the Spring tides

In solitude, I sing Winter’s melodies that inspire Spring’s epiphanies
My breath lingers in the cool air and dances into Spring’s awakening
I sigh a resurrection of new life into a renewed season of being

Cliff swallows navigate their yearly journey to the trackless track in reverse
Summer bustles in, slipping on heels of Spring
The cosmic time comes for us to gracefully wave satiated into arms of auburn Autumn

I observe as Summer’s bright relief flows into Autumn’s release
The Autumn leaves rest their laurels upon Summer’s heat
I exhale the Summer breeze, opening to Nature’s flow

The tender caress of autumn purloins the sultry heat of summer, precluding the melancholy of winter.
Spells of leaves plunging in kaleidoscopic swirls brush by my space vehicle, an exuberance of smiles witnessing the setting fire to verdant green.
Gaia dances betwixt her creations and shakes them to her core, ushering in through the portal to winter chills cooling autumn’s embers.

~By Linda {SpiritualFantasia} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Pragalbha & Amber {1} ~ Arcane Truth

Absolute Truth arcane masked in plain sight
Seeking soul Suffering heart Existence blight

Befuddled by the many vandalized paths to know our birthright
Seemingly battered, finding & losing, losing & finding our own Light

Ridiculed unaware by many, revered by few diverging paths of haze
Assured yet doubting our way through the maze

Breaking into the comfort of the unknown eternity to set the soul ablaze
Oceanic waves of the heart to swim through that often rage

The house of mirrors of the cosmos, reflecting Truth in the stirring of the chemical universal pot
Particles settling, soothing clarity descends, buoying up the Light of Truth sought

The Truth may not be as you conceive, before you wake up in the lessons of nets caught
The truth is in all that you perceive, after you wake up to the knowing in your gut

Alerting to soul growth, Truth beckons from the depths of bodily and psychological pain
Returning to self core, Truth awakens to the expanse of the universe and wisdom innate

Truth is the Reality, all else is ignorance, deception, distraction, distortion, limitation and indoctrination and the elaborate mystery we imagine life.

~By Pragalbha {PragalbhaDoshi} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Radhika & Amber {2} ~ Tempestuous Tale

Brooding for ponderous hours, hovering aloft paltry blue, thunderous barbaric blows bestow the sky fall; groaning in the humid summer ether to split unfastened the firmament amidst cracks piercing disconcerted psyches.

Conquering the infernal cumulonimbus expanse, firing a splintered silver beaked lightning ire, its menacing violent acoustics reverberates strong squalls, with a swirling vortex.

Chasms visible for seconds, reverberating and rolling off the consequential stream of energetic clashes. Wifts of sweet petrichor bottled in sense memory bring bolts of clarity, newfound understanding and with it losing all sense of identity within this experimental territory.

Watching condensed tropes formed by the breath on the window pane, against the blitzy mighty blast, the mind dwells on the moment of visceral epiphany.

Drums of flaming wild desires beat to the pregnant clouds riding stately on bellowing torrential tunes as the zenith of the God’s rages on. Leaves unhook, clouds flurry amidst winds, trees bend to allow pass, turning sharply like a plague of locusts, whirling, tossing up in its tail, a mad craze chasing after nothing. An electromagnetic spectacle circus exhibition.

The avalanche of stormy carnival fades, inexorable summer rains calm down from its bout of convulsed fury, lifting its fractious mien. The faint chimes from the distant bell, welcomes the prismatic band across the azure horizon.

~By Radhika {RadhikasReflection} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Shweta & Amber Poetry {1} ~ Personified Impermanence

The God’s of the elements wrap and uncurl essences of their perfume.
The guardian angels of the planet leave their reminant imprints wherever they go.
Concluding we know the natural wonders and phenomena revealing and concealing themselves, concretely assuming.
When the clouds’ burden becomes too much, water returns to Earth, to nourish the parched land.
Gaia howls for saturated satiated liquids to rejuvenate her personified body.
Creating floods and landslides to teach humanity for destroying Mother Nature.
Beyond comprehension lovingly awaiting patiently a new age of cleansing and renewal.
Ushering in a higher era, to be build up from scratch.
Gritting the teeth of the angels of the heavens, human turmoil splashes chaos before the order dawns.
At long last, nature prevails and order restores much needed balance to a world that was once more spiralling out of control.
Coalescing into order to dissolve into the cosmic disorder in temporary cycles of impermanence.

~By Shweta {TheSoulSearcherSite} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Pooja & Amber {1} ~ Monsters Out Of Men

Clipped wings, our world grips us into a firm hold telling us a decision for our life needs to be made, bought and sold
Like a caged bird we sit and sing
and wait for the decision to be made, In our songs remains a saddened ring
Manipulating their fellow beings, writing upon this canvas for them, stifled, creating monsters out of men, mayhem
These special monsters are nothing more than broken souls assembled amiss
Worn and ground down to the bones by life’s burning; spiralling, submerging, deepening into the abyss
The constant changes continuously confuse their mind till they no longer know right from wrong
Up until a bodhisattva soul extends a hand, tells the monster they are beautiful and to take their grasp, a lasting impact; lifelong
In that one moment everything changes and all the built up negativity starts to seep out
Recollecting who they once were, the Bodhisattva shines a reflection, the mirror leaves no doubt
Once again we are human, we are not just living but truly alive
The shadow self lies buried deep in us all, capbable of morphing into angels and monsters; which wolf you choose to feed that is the question to revive.

~By Pooja {LifesFineWhine} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Radhika & Amber {1} ~ Divine Catharsis

Spanning horizons, arched across skies in a spectrum of hues lit up by sun beams, magical ephemeral chalked translucent blue skies, a covenant of love after floods.

The iridescent colors greet the prismatic beauty of dawn with a sublime embrace, the halcyon zephyr sprinkles glossy dew drops of verdure reflection.

The cosmic intelligence chiselled a raindrop murmuring melodic drips with a stem cradling a satin leaf, clasping gems to reveal something of itself betwixt an atmosphere of solace.

Whispering arcane secrets of the night, the pearly crystal beads pirouette, kissing the tender buds, gently cascade into the bosom of infinity.

Raging, crashing torrents by the technicolour sphere, bubbling, foaming, gushing down into the ravine, spurting upwards, spraying aqua flickered into air; turning to tears melting and trickling down soaked cheeks of drowning waterfalls.

In solitude, amidst the confluence of the boundless benevolence of the realms of eternity, the sacred sacrament of nature, the embryonic soul experiences a divine catharsis.

~By Radhika {RadhikasReflection} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Lebogang & Amber Poetry {1} ~ Peculiar Weirdness Universe

Venturing for the unknowns, devoured by the weirdness that is my existence.
Keeping myself stimulated because that is who I am, my true being.
A human family, blending chemistries of weirdness that find compatability in reflections of others.
Simply because weirdness is a side effect of awesome, why not spread awesomeness to the universe?
A seed burrowing up through the spreading earth transmitting frequencies metaphysically through the conjoining hive mind.
Only to realize that the presence has been obstructed by the diversity of life.
Allow your weird light beam, so other weird ones may discover you.
Embrace your weirdness to release the best you can offer because that is who you are.
Is to be normal the ultimate aim of the unsuccessful?
Absolutely not! Life is precious. Embrace your weirdness.
In nature nothing is perfect yet everything is perfect, trees contort and bend in peculiar ways and their weirdness is delightful.
When we electrically bond with another soul’s weirdness waters, we link up and divulge in love.

~By Lebogang {SanctuaryOfGreatness} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Poetry By Rabbia & Amber {1} ~ The Arms Of Sheltered Bonds

Beneath the umbrella of our sacred bond, we sanctuary in unlatched arms – syncing hands to enkindle to God’s divine plan.

Surrounding air covers the earth edges, steering winds to the right path so as to not go astray.

Collaborating in dynamic energy exchanges to give and receive in nests of concurrence.

Keeping in its own warmth, like day provides it to night, offering defense to one another, as Acacia collinsii gives shelter to ants.

The armour and security blending of my existence, the light protection from thunderous net manifestations.

An invisible elastic band, wrapped and entwined, to expand then ping us back together within the natural order of things.

Wondering, how one can forget, the fear of being dispersed, ever noticed the spray from the sprinkler? As we have Divine surety to be together until the ending.

~By Rabbia {WriterHappily} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find my email on this blog’s connect page.~