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She’s a carpet of flattened wilted flowers

Once in bloom but saturated too soon

How quickly, the parched ground, devours its own

The tongue stays tied around the throat

It formulates an unbreakable noose around the neck

Choking on the linguistics

Hanging the sentences not yet found

Thoughts discombobulated

Yet I remain speechless…

I can’t speak…

How can my mind hold all these questions but no answers {blankout}

All these fresh ideas, but no idea how to execute them and manifest into reality

I remain speechless

Bitterness seeps in at the seams {This is not me, this is not me, its your PTSD}

This noose tightens the more I dissolve and suppress and swallow my own divine soul essence

Neglect is a wilting flower

Chipped away at as cascading petals weep

I must find the voice that has evaded me.

~DiosRaw, 15/10/21


You have found me

I am here within these glowing pixels

Traces of a mind’s thought train echo and reverberate your cortical connections

Come with me beyond the conundrum

Truth is excavated when one can

Reconcile the irreconcilable

Bridge the paradoxes

See beyond the seen

See what’s hidden in plain sight

That’s why it’s so elusive and illusive to us

Paradoxes obscure, but also vindicate

The all

And everything

And nothing

And creation is a scientist

And we are congealed in its experimental petri dish

And creation is a mystic

And we are creation’s living cathedral.

~DiosRaw, 14/10/21


Melting into the sofa, the infinite expansion

The faces of my friends are melting off

Like heated wax running down a candle stick

I loaded the universe into a gun and I shot myself in the head, I can not tell if I am breathing

Am I alive or am I dead?

I’m strapped to the outside of a psychedelic rocket ship

I’m taking off and travelling in a foreign yet familiar land

There’s nothing to orient myself, no time, no space, no self, nothing but darkness stretching out all around me

A roar of a million voices in a cacophany, they’re resonating in my head

I’ve come into orbit, everything is beginning to crystalize

Surrounding me consumes complex geometrical patterns of love and understanding

Gibberish wall textures are whispering messages through their feelings

This is all too much to take in

It is like the universe orgasmed into my eye

Whilst insect beings, extraterrestrial resembling, operate on my physical vehicle

I am laying on an operation table with insect creatures from another dimension as my doctors

Parts of me are taken in and out, somehow I feel cleansed

Running outside to gallivant in the downpours

I finally feel alive

Magical plant medicine

How may I understand infinity when I can barely understand a single moment

Bathing in a melting rainbow, the cosmos is dripping down my plastic skin

Infinity is stretching out and withdrawing within

I become the colour and the colour becomes me

I am in everything and everything is us

The trees are no longer silhouettes, my destination is not my be and end all

I walk the middle way, wherever I go.

~DiosRaw, 12/10/21


Steering you on this endless road of monotony to a luminous kaleidescape

Bathing you in an effervescent afterglow

Created by a realm of invisible possibilities
spun into the iridescent colourwheel of hope


Melt into my embracing arms as I lead you through a state of comatose

I will guide you to the fractalscape

And you will understand

How encaged you have been by the life presented

By the fearful and the small

So enraptured by the mundane

So afraid and inconvenient to rearrange

I understand the temptation, the worship

Believe me

I understand

But allow me to explain how the ultimate risk you take

Is when your fear of not knowing is why it all remains the same.

~DiosRaw, 12/10/21


That book, it was a burn of my youth’s embers

Without filter I recorded each numbed emotion

I may have left my older verses for now

But through my pen its flow is still in motion

As we head our own ways, down our own paths, could we retrospectively comprehend?

Through timeline splits

But until then  

Let’s walk back to the fork in the road
and reminisce over everything we’ve seen

Until we magnetise and intertwine once more

I’ve placed myself in debt from borrowing the past

And now my headspace is clustered

Regrets tied around my wrists

And the future, always slipping from my grasp

Runs ahead

Holding omens blurring into many timeline dreams.

~DiosRaw, 11/10/21

Poetry {187} ~ HOMLESSNESS MUSINGS {2}

Down the pavement we’re moving fast as
the sun is coming up

My whole concept of reality has been chewed, spat out and grinded into oblivion

Nowhere to go

No-one to confide in

You tell me to live the life of a nomad yet we don’t do it in style

Wandering aimlessly, waiting for the external to find respite


Have you forgotten me?

The young child that lives nowhere, hungry, and looking through ash trays for some strays with just enough tobacco to get a hit of relief

Occasionally, talking to myself because nobody else dares acknowledge us

These are the city streets, this is my cold hard concrete

An indifferent existence causes people go out of there way to ignore my presence

Scanning the eyes of strangers for some opening, some life, so I can ask them for a cigarette or a couple of euros to eat

Shoulders slumped, back collapsing under the weight of exhaustion of my backpack, cause it’s getting late and I don’t have a place to reside

So, I stumble and crumble till I find the closest spot that appears safe where I can sleep and no one there will threaten or sweep me away

Like groundhog’s day, I repeat, a shade of myself, echoing just enough to survive another night


Her skin is full of indentations, and she‘s fucked by the dawn on a daily basis, this isn’t her first rodeo

Wandering the midnight streets of this broken city upon many

Her feet are calloused and raw

Flickering lights offer warmth and the known

Shadowy outlines permeate the horizon

Friend or foe? What lies ahead?

That once tough heart is soft now, looking for love in the rabid faces of evil

Spiders spin webs in the dark and insects crawl through the layers of worn out clothing

Abandoned houses have become her home and her soul aches for someone to hold

Sometimes, dreams float by, like a dragonfly on a shimmering breeze

That once conversation, it was just enough, to lay rays in the path of another day.

~DiosRaw, 06/10/21


There exists an aperture, a portal

A portal to nowhere and everywhere

Hidden somewhere

In the world in which we inhabit and exist

We live to find that portal

The wormhole within us

I am the portal, vision deep and far

You are the timeless portal opening and closing

This portal will take us on a journey through windows of opportunity

God chose light as the never-ending highway through portals of eternity

When the portal birthed itself out of itself

It composed a symphony out of silence

With a slight difference in each interpretation

And we seamlessly glide through, into a portal within portals ad. Infinitum.

~DiosRaw, 03/10/21


If you fabricate you are in the darkness yet see your shadow

Still you are in the light of night

This very light that sees your shadow will sherperd you

These shadows narrate tales and mythological illusions

Shadows tell lies

Shadows reveal to us who we are

Shadows are open to interpretation in this multifaceted existence

Wide and fierce, they tower over you

Hoodwinking us into believing that they’re mighter and stronger

The giant shadow of ant, we believe its reflection

Or percieve to know the whole truth

As the moon reflects the sun

Causing you to believe that there is light where there is not

Therefore, a lie could be concealed in glossy coating and embalment

And deception may cause you to look everywhere, elsewhere

Except in the very place hidden in plain sight, the truth is in your lap

Take the plunge into the unknowns yet knows of you

Not all is as it seems.

~DiosRaw, 02/10/21


Maya will deceive if you don’t recognize
behind appearances, beyond the superficial

Yuga, beyond the ages, beyond the sages, epochs and eras, multiplied to infinity, expecting some recourse, exponential, beyond sanity, gauges of the cyclical planetary

Akasha, ubiquitous ether, all pervading, all invading, omnipresent, revelations’ recordings, substratum of quantum downloading

Ishwara, great atman, ultimate overseer, transcending all time, cosmic conscience, consciousness sublime beyond everything sight unseen

Samadhi reign over me, the be all and end all of life’s raisons d’être, superconsciousness, enlightenments bestowal of divine grace and mercy and redemption, the illumination

Gunas, by knowledge of these moods, this will allow you, ambrosia of all roads
in your journey ahead to navigate solely without flag or fail through equipoise unassailed, leaving no trail yet a trail of interconnectivity

Ahimsa, through this your lips can no longer trespass over your welfare or the welfare of any other, true liberation, from human inebriation, true love for one another, eternal and forever

Siddhis, they will misunderstand you, not being like the same, eschewing commonality, for the perfected mindscape, a narrowed perspective, to focus more completely upon the rarest of views, the purest of alignments

Om, this holiest sound that permeates all ethers, the skies and the grounds, Brahman of this plane and all that surrounds now perish all that confounds

Dreaming the dream of the dreamer’s dream dreaming the dream of dreams ad. infinitum.

~DiosRaw, 01/10/21


Sitting eternally on lotuses ~ Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva

Shiva loves to destroy the universe with as many arms as it takes, one to hold a mirror

Brahma rebuilds it all as needed, bearing four heads and four arms

Sitting between the big bang and big contraction is blue Vishnu, symbolising energy

At the junction of your vermillion adorned forehead

Where the rivers of ida, pingala and sushumna meet

With it an unseen fifth dimension, a spider-like web of illusion deluding all humanity into incessant action where karmas multiply and spread interconnected

Lies the point of singularity from where
our cosmos exploded into being

Oh Maya! I implore you to end this cycle

Reveal that white lotus with a thousand petals embedded in your cosmic cerebrum

Where the love of your life, adorning a chiseled crescent, meditates in contemplative blissful silence

Blowing another existence into actuality.

~DiosRaw, 29/09/21