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~Proverbs {1230}~

После драки кулаками не машут.
Literally: They do not swing fists when the fight is over. ~ Russian Proverb

It is said when someone tries to change what has been done when it’s already too late, when nothing can be changed, or undone. After the fight is finished, there is no sense in acting aggressively (swinging your fists), complaining, or being upset.

~Proverbs {1228}~

Neither fluff, nor feather. – (Go) to devil! ~ Russian Proverb

This weird expression, which actually means “Good luck” came to russian speech from hunters. It is based on the superstitious notion that wishing for the desired outcome of the hunt (catching “fluff or feather”), the hunt can be “jinxed.” People are afraid of jinxing even today, so it became a wish for good luck. You can say “Neither fluff, nor feather” to the student before an exam or in any other risky situation.