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Reposts {13} ~ Vibrations of Hope & Faith… Do they actually work ??

What if, I tell you, that, they would work, if we want them to work and they won’t work, if we don’t really want them to work. Is it strange?? No, I don’t think so… Why?? Because, you too would have certainly noticed it in your lives, that, sometimes our conscious mind says something and […]

Vibrations of Hope & Faith… Do they actually work ??

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Reposts {12} ~ Tradition Is No Excuse For Cruel, Harmful Behavior Like The Faeroe Islander Dolphin Slaughter

Originally posted on AwayPoint: Dolphin Slaughter Faeroe Islands 2021 – Photo from Sea Shepherd It’s time to stop excusing cruel, unjust or destructive practices simply because they are traditional.? This week, people from the Faeroe Islands, an autonomous territory within Denmark, hunted down a pod of 1428 white-sided dolphins, highly intelligent social animals. The dolphins…

Tradition is no Excuse for Cruel, Harmful Behavior like the Faeroe Islander Dolphin Slaughter

Reposts {11} ~ Native American History

The Americas have been inhabited for a very long time.  The people of the Americas have been here just as long if not longer than the people of the east.  The Native Americans traded with others around the world.  There have been many artifacts found in the Americas that are considered Asian, Egyptian and Viking.  […]

Native American History

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Reposts {10} ~ Our Minds Limit Science

Our ego mind is what limits us.  We are our own worst enemies.  We can’t be wrong.  We have to have others think like us.  The ego will get itself into trouble constantly.  Science is not immune to the ego.  In fact science is being run by one of the biggest ego trips ever in […]

Our Minds Limit Science

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Reposts {9} ~ Social Conditioning

In this post Im going to show you a few things that conditions you.  In the secret society upper echelons they talk about the sleeping masses.  It is where the term ‘wake up’ comes from.  Someone thinks they have it all figured out and they are woke.  Are you woke or did you just move […]

Social Conditioning

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Reposts {8} ~ Wisdom from the Ancients

The ancients had some of the highest intellectual quality the world has ever seen. The ancient Egyptian, ancient Greece, Mayan, Lemurian, Atlantean and others were some of the most advanced civilizations that ever existed.  The ancients gave us a foundation for all of western world.  Including education, social and political development.  The ancients wanted people […]

Wisdom from the Ancients

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Reposts {6} ~ Humanity’s Passage Through the 9 Underworlds | Global Awakening

According to Toltec Mexihca tradition, humanity has to go through a series of 9 underworlds as a collective during the transition from the Fifth to the Sixth Sun. Each underworld passage equals 1 year, but even once the year is over, the previous underworlds continue to hold great influence.

Humanity’s Passage Through the 9 Underworlds | Global Awakening

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Reposts {5} ~ The Cosmic Ocean

Ever wonder why the ancients thought the cosmos as an ocean?  So many myths talk about a watery abyss.  When it rains the rain does not just nourish certain plants.   It does not just help the grass or flowers.  It benefits every living thing.  Mother Nature does not play favorites.  The ancients were describing […]

The Cosmic Ocean

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