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Poetry By Aimee & Amber {1} ~ Alienation Ashes

Home appears to be where the heart holds dear, yet I don’t seem to sync into the abstract mold here; pretending to be a local inhabitant, driven into the path of the initiate sucked through the banishment.

Heart longing for a place I can’t remember.
Loved ones I long for I can’t find, however,
A gentle song calls my soul to memories I hold dear. Just follow the narrow path until all is clear.

The path wavers and crumbles, re-appears and psychologically jumbles, dissociated, head in the clouds.

Can’t seem to find myself when I can’t see where I’m walking. I can feel a place calling to me but it is in shrouds.

And sedatively her mind, years ago in alienation, grew a list of things she labelled herself in the grips of stagnation; grief swallowed, perceived mistakes she had made and creeping up on her this is what she had become; an empty husk of a Self portrayed.

Life shattered, then she forgot who she was the day before.
Trying to pick up the broken pieces of what once was, she gets cut from what is no more.
A fire incinerates everything into ashes
From which she must accept or vanish.

And she forged her path through the shadowed woods of the world speaking her language, she could not go under nor over but through the invisible cloak of estrangement bandage.

~By Aimee {Amerridan} & Amber {DiosRaw}

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Spiritual Articles {1} ~ UFO Disclosure Is Happening -What It Means


“But the much bigger picture here is how these disclosure events keep getting bigger and bigger, because that indicates that something big is going to happen there on Earth. What will happen will be much bigger than people feeling validated about their beliefs. Many people have wondered when contact with e.t.s would be openly discussed by high-ranking government officials from powerful countries. You are coming into that time now, and you can rest assured that this all means that more is coming, and more and more.
And someday you will have e.t.s walking amongst you, openly.” ~ Quoted From Article