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The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers {152} ~ Are Christ & Cosmic Christ, Two Aspects Of The Same Existence?

YOU are allowing names to bother you. There is a man Jesus, whose surname was Christ, and there is what is called the Christ power, the power of Spirit. If you differentiate between the man and the power that animated Him you have the clearest picture of all.” ~ The Silver Birch Book Of Questions & Answers, P. 44

Short Stories {1} ~ River Ganges Insanity

Washing off the days reminants within the womb of the River Ganges, in the ancient lands of India, a young lady named Anadi, combed through her dark black locks wishing she had fulfilled her guru’s daily tasks. Worried reverberations tensed her worn out body.

Anadi’s guru had instructed her to contemplate by the serene waters edge on the concept of enlightenment. She was trembling at the thought of going insane. Throughout her journey on the path of enlightenment she had visions of past lives, angelic beings, prophetic dreams and doubted herself, were these visions true or a figment of her mind turning her insane?

Observing the river’s candles lit each night floating along the river, Anadi realised in her mind “for the mystic swims in the same waters as the insane.”

Guruji initiated her, “you have understood the point.” Painting an orange hue on her third eye she became one of Guruji’s enlightened deciples.

“Yes,” Anadi proclaimed.

Anadi was no longer afraid of turning insane, she realised that insanity and sanity are part of the duality of this dualistic world. By using her mind towards the creator, and only him, she would return to sanity through the insanity she was so worried of.

As she lit her candle, with empowering energy flowing throughout her physical vehicle, silently whispering a prayer her body aroused from the dream of the dream she was living in. In the hypnotic state she was in upon waking, she had met her dead guru in her dream reassuring her she was not going crazy.

That very young morning, when everyone was asleep and the birds were churping their morning symphony she said her daily blessings by the river Ganges. “For I am sane in an insane world” she echoed through the nearby caves.

“I have travelled through madness to find me,” she screamed.

Madness is somewhere between chaos and having a dream. Anadi made sense of the dream by plunging into it and moving with the dance. For those who did not hear the music, those dancing were deemed insane.

And the world kept on spinning and weaving it’s cosmic web…

~DiosRaw 28/03/21

Short Stories {3} ~ Paradox Diffusion

Years after searching for God in psychedelics, Rumi had not wavered in her quest for knowledge. Without the benefit of a prescribed social role, she did what she wanted, when she wanted, which was to learn without regard for convention. Today, paradoxes were circulating around her mind, determined, she would not sleep without finding her answer.

At other times and in other places, Rumi would have been burned at the stake, hailed as a prophet, or stoned. The present time simply ignored her. Normal people treated Rumi as a public garbage can, light post, or stalled car, as an obstacle that could be moved but numbed by her surroundings.

“Take your pills NOW,” shouted the nurse down the corridor, from Texas’s renound mental hospital for the “insane.” Rumi rolled her eyes as Nurse Truchin’s sharp voice echoed and bounced off blood stained walls, she was sitting in room 23, her white washed room “gifted” to her by her parents, they could not cope with her cosmic mind anymore. Rumi had been in Senora Texas Mental Hospital for two weeks and she felt on edge, this was her first time in an asylum. Rumi paced up and down her abode, she had to take those dreaded sleeping pills or else they would force it down her throat somehow. Reluctantly she calmly walked down the hallway and was handed her pill through the dorms pill shutter.

Rumi swallowed the pill. “Good, now go back to your room, checks are at 11pm, make sure you are in your bed or you know what will happen,” said Nurse Truchin coldly. Rumi said nothing, she would achieve nothing by responding and quietly returned to her room blocking out the screams from the room beside her’s.

Shutting her door, relieved, she lay on her bed staring at the white washed walls that had become her friend. What were paradoxes? How could two opposing propositions exist at the same time? The sleeping pills were making her more and more drowsy. Lonely and with a heavy heart she pulled the duvet above her head. “A paradox is a statement or problem that either appears to produce two entirely contradictory (yet possible) outcomes, or provides proof for something that goes against what we intuitively expect,” Rumi reiterated inside of her mind.

Hallucinating as she usually did on these pills, she saw imagery quite like her visions on magic mushrooms a few months ago. Warping geometric patterns danced in a trance with eachother as her eyes flickered going in and out of consciousness.

I will sleep on this Rumi decided in her mind drifting off into the astral planes.

Upon awakening her answer had arrived, getting out her notebook she wrote “Paradoxes lead you to God.”

On her day of release, after all this time pretending to act normal to get out of this hell hole of an asylum, Rumi saw Mrs. Truchin as “insane” and Mrs. Truchin saw Rumi as insane. Rumi quietly knew that duality breaks down into formless consciousness; she was sane in an insane world.

“I know one thing,” Rumi said to Mrs. Truchin as she left the asylum doors. “And that is that I know nothing.” Rumi remembered studying ancient Greek philosopher’s such as Socrates years ago. Mrs. Truchin took one bewildered look at Rumi and walked away. Rumi smiled to herself and smelt freedom once again, her taxi was awaiting to pass through the doors into the insane world.

Time is a construct of consciousness and in higher dimensions has no meaning. but, in the lower dimensions it is used to measure changes and in the multitudes of parallel timelines all simultaneously existing. Paradoxes melt into the all, Source, Brahman, Allah, whatever name you stamp onto formless ether.

~DiosRaw 01/04/21

~Past Life Ponderings~

Have you ever pondered if you have lived other lives before or after this current life since past, present and future are occurring simultaneously? My belief is that we have all lived many lives before this one, and that we will live many more. My belief is not necessarily percolator with simply reading about past lives experiences or watching documentaries, but by my own personal experiences and the experiences of the others who I have talked with. There is too much evidence in my own life to think that remembering other lives is simply a trick of the light, or just our vivid imagination.

The lives that we live can be wide and varied, and it is generally accepted that we must learn to be everything, every culture, every race, every gender, and in some cases, everything else to include rocks, trees, and animals. I personally have not had any experiences amongst myself or my clients that have been rocks, trees, or animals, but I have had a very big variety of species, along with lives on other planets, spaceships, and other dimensions. Additionally, we can also be the bad person or the good person in these lives, simply because we must be able to experience all aspects of life to evolve as a soul.

The basic premise is that God, or the Source, or whatever you believe that is, creates a soul, and gifts them with learning and evolving before returning to Source. Once a life has been experienced, a soul will transition to a life between lives, for a review to figure out if the lessons chosen were successfully fulfilled. Sometimes we must return simply to relearn certain lessons, but we always return even if it is to experience new lessons. In this life between lives, we also make decisions about who we will be, what we will experience, and even draw up contracts with other souls before reincarnating including choosing our parents. This is based on the most common belief system found in spiritual circles.

Many times, we carry over issues from life to life and are simply unaware. Issues get carried over to our current lives due to the way we died, unresolved issues, certain experiences, and possible karma that is carried over. For example, someone may be extremely afraid of going in the water but has no reason in the current life for that to be the case, but in regression it will likely be discovered that they drowned in one of their past lives. Someone may be extremely overweight, and may find that they starved to death in a previous life. Past life regression is a very effective way of discovering some of these hidden issues, so that a person in their current life can begin to let go of issues that are no longer relevant.

I am not writing this piece to convince anyone about past lives, however to provide some food for thought, and perhaps get you to think differently about your current life. Why to you have the fears you have? Why are you the way you are? Of course, the past experiences of our current life can affect us in many subconscious ways due to the way we were raised, who are parents were, traumatic events, etc. However, it nice to be able to separate the issues you are having between the past of your current life, and the past lives you have lived.

I think we would all agree that our past is what shapes us into who we are today. If you are feeling stuck and/or unhappy with your current situation, then the best way forward may be looking back to see what needs healing and digging up to release to make space for the new.

Hope you learnt something new or felt at home reading, you are not alone. I love you.

~DiosRaw, 12/07/21

Guest Posts {18} ~ Nano Thoughts {1}

~This is a guest post from Vishnupria ~ https://vishnupria.wordpress.com

The oasis of dreams scuttles the mind vastness,

Holds the primordial cup for vacuuming the holy mess,

So true hushed morality and follows the devils perils,

Here am awakened with a bundle of hurdles,

With complying nodes the inner surreal,

Plays the unrequited seer!

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Did You Know {96} ~ We Always Try To Return A Favour

It’s not just good manners—the “rule of reciprocity” suggests that we’re programmed to want to help someone who’s helped us. It probably developed because, to keep society working smoothly, people need to help each other out. Stores like to use this against you, offering freebies in hopes that you’ll spend some cash.

Philosophers {13} ~ Immanuel Kant {1724-1804}

Prussian-born (and therefore identified as a German philosopher), Kant is considered among the most essential figures in modern philosophy, an advocate of reason as the source for morality, and a thinker whose ideas continue to permeate ethical, epistemological, and political debate. What perhaps most distinguishes Kant is his innate desire to find a synthesis between rationalists like Descartes and empiricists like Hume, to decipher a middle ground that defers to human experience without descending into skepticism. To his own way of thinking, Kant was pointing a way forward by resolving a central philosophical impasse.

Kant’s Big Ideas
~Defined the “Categorical imperative,” the idea that there are intrinsically good and moral ideas to which we all have a duty, and that rational individuals will inherently find reason in adhering to moral obligation;
~Argued that humanity can achieve a perpetual peace through universal democracy and international cooperation;
~Asserted that the concepts of time and space, as well as cause and effect, are essential to the human experience, and that our understanding of the world is conveyed only by our senses and not necessarily by the underlying (and likely unseen) causes of the phenomena we observe.

Kant’s Key Works
~Critique of Pure Reason (1781)
~Critique of Judgment (1790)
~The Metaphysics of Morals (1797