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Short Stories {3} ~ Paradox Diffusion

Years after searching for God in psychedelics, Rumi had not wavered in her quest for knowledge. Without the benefit of a prescribed social role, she did what she wanted, when she wanted, which was to learn without regard for convention. Today, paradoxes were circulating around her mind, determined, she would not sleep without finding her answer.

At other times and in other places, Rumi would have been burned at the stake, hailed as a prophet, or stoned. The present time simply ignored her. Normal people treated Rumi as a public garbage can, light post, or stalled car, as an obstacle that could be moved but numbed by her surroundings.

“Take your pills NOW,” shouted the nurse down the corridor, from Texas’s renound mental hospital for the “insane.” Rumi rolled her eyes as Nurse Truchin’s sharp voice echoed and bounced off blood stained walls, she was sitting in room 23, her white washed room “gifted” to her by her parents, they could not cope with her cosmic mind anymore. Rumi had been in Senora Texas Mental Hospital for two weeks and she felt on edge, this was her first time in an asylum. Rumi paced up and down her abode, she had to take those dreaded sleeping pills or else they would force it down her throat somehow. Reluctantly she calmly walked down the hallway and was handed her pill through the dorms pill shutter.

Rumi swallowed the pill. “Good, now go back to your room, checks are at 11pm, make sure you are in your bed or you know what will happen,” said Nurse Truchin coldly. Rumi said nothing, she would achieve nothing by responding and quietly returned to her room blocking out the screams from the room beside her’s.

Shutting her door, relieved, she lay on her bed staring at the white washed walls that had become her friend. What were paradoxes? How could two opposing propositions exist at the same time? The sleeping pills were making her more and more drowsy. Lonely and with a heavy heart she pulled the duvet above her head. “A paradox is a statement or problem that either appears to produce two entirely contradictory (yet possible) outcomes, or provides proof for something that goes against what we intuitively expect,” Rumi reiterated inside of her mind.

Hallucinating as she usually did on these pills, she saw imagery quite like her visions on magic mushrooms a few months ago. Warping geometric patterns danced in a trance with eachother as her eyes flickered going in and out of consciousness.

I will sleep on this Rumi decided in her mind drifting off into the astral planes.

Upon awakening her answer had arrived, getting out her notebook she wrote “Paradoxes lead you to God.”

On her day of release, after all this time pretending to act normal to get out of this hell hole of an asylum, Rumi saw Mrs. Truchin as “insane” and Mrs. Truchin saw Rumi as insane. Rumi quietly knew that duality breaks down into formless consciousness; she was sane in an insane world.

“I know one thing,” Rumi said to Mrs. Truchin as she left the asylum doors. “And that is that I know nothing.” Rumi remembered studying ancient Greek philosopher’s such as Socrates years ago. Mrs. Truchin took one bewildered look at Rumi and walked away. Rumi smiled to herself and smelt freedom once again, her taxi was awaiting to pass through the doors into the insane world.

Time is a construct of consciousness and in higher dimensions has no meaning. but, in the lower dimensions it is used to measure changes and in the multitudes of parallel timelines all simultaneously existing. Paradoxes melt into the all, Source, Brahman, Allah, whatever name you stamp onto formless ether.

~DiosRaw 01/04/21

~Conscious/Subconscious/Unconscious/Collective Comscious/Collective Unconscious/Superconscious Minds~

Conscious Mind: This is where you actually do the thinking from. Believe it or not, this accounts for only about 5% of your thoughts. To become a more awakened being, it is necessary to use this portion of the mind to drive your actual experience in the direction of your desired experience. This is the realm of willpower.

– Subconscious Mind: This is essentially the software program for your life. Your outer reality will be a reflection of what is going on here. The patterns built into this software program are written before you turn 7 years old (basically you absorb the patterns of your parents and/or those who raised you). The internal scripts that run (in your voice) inside your mind are created from things your parents (or those who raised you) habitually said to you when you were young. To live your desired life–and to achieve your full potential–it is imperative to become aware of and then shift the negative subconscious patterns in your life. This can be achieved through therapy, energy healing, hypnosis, affirmations and subliminal audios.

Unconscious Mind: This is where traumas are stored, including birth traumas such as being born in a cold hospital room, being delivered by unfamiliar hands, having the umbilical cord cut, and circumcision. The subconscious will create your life circumstances with the intention of making sure that you don’t have to feel the traumas of the unconscious mind.

Collective Mind: We are all connected into one another through the existence of The Field. There is a Conscious Collective Mind—which is the amalgamation of the experiences, thoughts and emotions of all eight billion humans–and an Unconscious Collective Mind, which is the part of The Field that is wounded through trauma (and karma) and thus ‘asks’ for certain collective experiences to occur through the Law of Attraction (this is the part of the Collective Mind that will ultimately ‘ask’ for Full Disclosure when the time is right). Oftentimes, when Lightworkers/Empaths are feeling down, they are really just empathing the Conscious Collective Mind and need to disconnect from it and return to their own center, where the natural state of peace and joy can be found.

Superconscious Mind: This aspect of the mind is connected to the Infinite, including the Akashic Records. Anything from the Mind of God can be accessed. This is the realm where we access the perspectives/memories from the Soul Aspect, Higher Self Aspect and Christed Extraterrestrial Aspect (aka your true galactic or intergalactic self, if you are a Starseed). This is the realm of intuition. To use this aspect of mind consciously and intently, it is necessary to be relaxed.

~Honest Dishonesty~

“There are 4 types of honesty: unconscious honesty, unconscious dishonesty, conscious honesty, and conscious dishonesty.

Conscious dishonesty is harder to pull off than unconscious honesty.

But if you’re gonna be dishonest, make it the conscious kind, that way at least you are honest with yourself, and leave a crack open for redemption.


You sure you wanna open this Pandora’s box?

Really sure?

Okay, here’s the magic question:

“Where am I being dishonest with myself?”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=53

~Designing A Conscious Robot~

“Imagine you were designing a conscious robot. Notice that in the beginning, from the robot’s “point of view”, none of following exists:

~A sense of self
~A sense of other
~A sense of world
~A sense of space being 3-dimensional
~A sense of time
~A sense that there exists an “external” world out there, beyond the robot
~A sense of clearly delimited objects or “things”
~A sense of death
~A sense of meaning of any kind. No judgments of good, bad, healthy, unhealthy, right, wrong, pretty, ugly, etc.
~A sense of big vs small, up vs down, thin vs thick, etc.
~A sense of logic or rationality
~A sense of personal story or life narrative
~A sense of life at all
~A sense of vision
~A sense of feeling
~A sense of hearing
~A sense of location
~A point of view

The robot would have zero sense of any of this! Meaning… the most self-evident aspects of reality which we consider “essential” to how we understand reality, would be utterly absent.

There doesn’t even exist a point of view!

In other words, all of these “essential” aspects are NOT as essential as we like to believe.

All of these things which we take as a given as humans, have to be constructed! They are not givens or fundamental aspects of reality AT ALL! They must be created. As for HOW are they created? Well… that’s another matter. One that humanity isn’t evolved enough yet to answer. It’s reasonable to suspect that there are probably many different ways to create them, be it via a human body/mind organism, or a robot/cpu machine, or something entirely alien to our imagination. But the important point is to see that they were created. This means we cannot take them as absolutes, or indubitable or self-evident truths.

What would be it like if you regressed to the point of view of this robot, before anything about reality was a given?

Or, imagine how else the robot’s basic map of reality might work. What if there are an infinite number of ways to “see” reality?

Imagine that 10,000 years from now humans create a robot who can see in 4-dimensions, has 3 totally new forms of perception currently unknown to us, and doesn’t have a sense of location, or rationality, or clearly delimited “objects”. Imagine what it would be like to be that robot! What kind of consciousness would it have? And what would that say about your notions of what reality is?”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=55

~Taking Existence For Granted~

“The easiest thing to take for granted is existence itself, because everything else you know is predicated on it.

This is the tragedy of spirituality: it’s the most obvious thing, but 99% of people just overlook it because it is about existence itself, which they take for granted. The game of life — survival — has to do with manipulating the content of existence, without concern for the substance of existence. This makes awareness of existence itself a pointless pursuit from the point of view of the survival paradigm. Since existence is the one common factor behind every piece of content, it is the first thing the mind filters out. For the purposes of survival, what existence is, doesn’t matter! Which is why it’s so critical to stop letting survival run your life. The game of survival cannot be won.

They call it “transcendence” because you’re transcending the game of survival. Survival in this case is everything you do on a weekly basis: getting a coffee at Starbucks, feeding the kids, brushing your teeth, going to work, having sex, shopping for make up, getting a haircut, going to school, watching TV, fixing your car, etc.

For the average person, survival is priority #1. For a spiritually-developed person, BEING is priority #1, and survival is priority #2.

The top reason why psychedelics are so powerful is that they let you see just how much you’ve been taking existence for granted. Just to get a sense of that is life-transforming because it put the game of survival into proper perspective, proper priority.

Life sucks when your priorities are backwards.”

Source ~ https://www.actualized.org/insights?p=46


There is no such thing as your mind and my mind, his mind, her mind, and God’s Mind. There is just Mind, in which we live, move and have our being. Mind is both conscious and subconscious. Conscious Mind is Spirit, either in God or the individual. Unconscious Mind is the law of conscious Mind acting, and is, therefore, subconscious or subjective.


Reveal and unravel to “me” the ladder to heaven, the cosmic abode

It is within the scopes and spheres of your consciousness they said, it creates

You have the sacred keys to unlock these states

Floating up illusory levels of awareness

Each step, higher perspectives of preparedness

Building in vibrational frequency

Dimensional floors transpiring into being, naked and pure seeing

Where is this sacred ladder?

The stairs that supposedly ascends

The bottomless pit of nothingness lurches forward

The landslide of rope slips from grasp again

The states of waking consciousness, deep sleep, dreaming, transcendental consciousness, cosmic consciousness, god consciousness, unity consciousness

Culminating into universal unity source consciousness

Ephemeral, ethereal God

In Unity Consciousness, myself is the Self of all

There is only one Self

Atman is Brahman

One discovers that this Atman which was once inner, is actually all encompassing

Everything which is in myself is myself

There is no other

I am returning to love, I never left at all, I deluded myself I was without

I am remembering who I am.

~DiosRaw, 16/05/21