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Traditionally, seiza is one of the Japanese formal ways of sitting. It is often used in martial arts and is performed with mindfulness in both martial arts and other formal Japanese settings.

In yoga, seiza is called thunderbolt pose in English, or vajrasana in Sanskrit. The pose is often used as a resting posture for a meditative practice; although, when performed with the toes flexed and tucked under the feet, it offers a significant stretch to the feet and legs.

Seiza encourages tranquility by clearing the mind and entering into a state of rest, which is why it is often used as a meditative pose or for pranayama and/or sadhana practice.

Outside of a yoga spiritual practice, this asana is also used by other religions as a prayerful pose. Practitioners can sit and enjoy the pose as long as is comfortable, being mindful of the breath.

Seiza can increase blood flow to the lower abdomen, which aids in digestion and pelvic health. Although it is recommended that asanas are not practiced after eating a meal, this pose is suggested to aid those with poor digestion after mealtime. It also strengthens the muscles that support good posture — the back, neck and chest — and can provide helpful relief for lower back issues and/or sciatica.

~Living Or Working With Somone Who Has A Different Consciousness To You~

“That’s what I focus upon each day. I ask myself, What would soul do? What would higher consciousness do? The answer is to always let go of any painful thoughts and to come back home to one’s innate power – to soul. But, how do you do that, when the people you live, work or interact with have a very different consciousness to you?

This is a question, that I’m often asked. And it has a simple answer, yet many people will find great difficulty in enacting upon it. In my experience, taming your personality is the answer. Your personality is a part of you. Some people call it ego, but I’ve never used that word, as it tends to bring up dis-empowering connotations – and we want personality to be on side, not against us.

It’s your personality that feels hurt, alone, afraid, angry, annoyed, judged and all of those very human traits. When you live or work with someone who connects solely with their personality, you can become over saturated in the physical side of life. This in turn can over-activate your personality, disconnecting you from the heart and overriding soul, your true source of joy. You can then act ‘out of character’ doing and saying, what you later regret.

The role of the personality is to be the ‘spokesperson for your soul’. This is something that I experienced ‘first-hand’ many years ago, and have been teaching ever since. And to master this effectively (and seamlessly) requires your constant awareness and application.

Coming from a soul-based perspective – daily
That’s why I began writing my daily energy forecasts and life guide back in 2003. I knew that if I could help people to align with their soul every day, that it would increase their ability to be high-vibration, empowered and therefore, resilient to any negativity picked up from others. And it works, beautifully. Aligning with higher consciousness and connecting with soul and the current cosmic energy flow, puts you in a commanding life position. It can and will see you through any of life’s challenges, as you grow and mature, which is the ultimate purpose of soul.” ~ Elizabeth Peru

Symbols {168} ~ Makara

In the Hindu culture, the Makara is a sea creature that is legendary. It is depicted as half land and half sea animal. Ganga the river goddess and Varuna the sea god use the Makara as a vahana, or vehicle. Ancient Indian Vedic describe the Makara as the water monster upon which Varuna rode.

The Makara has been depicted in many ways. It has had the head of an elephant, crocodile, deer, stag and more and the tail of a fish, snake, or seal. Sometimes it is depicted with a floral or peacock tail. The river goddess rides a form of Makara that has the head of a crocodile and the body of a fish. She bestows water, the seed of life to everyone. The crocodile represents intellect when facing problems. Intellect trumps fear and people move to their highest form. A crocodile will leave its eggs after birth. This symbolizes destiny. You are left to swim your whole life while facing your fears. Varuda, the sea god is a punisher of sinful unremorseful people. He rides a crocodile Makara also.

The gods and goddesses Chandi, Vishnu, Shiva, and Surya have all been depicted wearing earrings in the shape of Makara.

In Sri Lanka, the Makara is a symbol of a dragon. It is considered a symbol of self-sufficiency and prosperity. The Makara symbol can be found on the entrances to temples in Sri Lanka, the Hindu and Buddhist temples, and other religious structures.

Makara is also the symbol for Capricorn in astrology. Capricorns are always moving forward and climbing upward to achieve their goals. Capricorn is depicted as a sea-goat with the body of a goat and the tail of a fish. They are a symbol of earth and water combined.

Did You Know {168} ~ Looking At A Picture Of A Loved One Can Relieve Pain

The next time you need to get a shot or have blood drawn and want to avoid as much pain as possible, bring along a snapshot of your significant other, your kids, or anyone else that you adore. One 2010 study published in the journal PLOS One found that looking at a picture of a loved one can help reduce moderate pain by around 40 percent; it even relieved severe pain by between 10 and 15 percent.

~Daoist Walking Meditation~

Daoist walking meditation is a type of walking meditation recommended in the Chinese Daoist tradition as a way to bring body and mind into harmony. There isn’t one single method of practicing Daoist walking meditation, but instead many techniques which can all be considered part of the practice. These techniques often involve the use of visualization. Compared with other traditions which teach walking meditation, Daoist walking meditation sometimes has more of a focus on physical health and well-being, although it also has mental and spiritual benefits.