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Antaryami is a Sanskrit term that means “inner witness” or “the one who controls from within.” It can refer to the Higher Self or the power of God residing within the individual soul. The word is derived from the Sanskrit, antar, meaning “internal,” “within” or “inward”; and ayami, meaning “restrained.”

Antaryami is also sometimes used to refer to God existing within all creation. This aspect of God is also called the Supersoul and the Paramatman (Universal or Eternal Soul).

Reposts {5} ~ The Cosmic Ocean

Ever wonder why the ancients thought the cosmos as an ocean?  So many myths talk about a watery abyss.  When it rains the rain does not just nourish certain plants.   It does not just help the grass or flowers.  It benefits every living thing.  Mother Nature does not play favorites.  The ancients were describing […]

The Cosmic Ocean

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~Cosmic Sound~

In Hinduism and yogic philosophy, the cosmic sound is the auditory manifestation of Brahman, the Absolute Truth or Ultimate Reality. It is verbalized as the mantra, Om (also spelled Aum). According to the Bhagavad Gita, “God is the sound of Om.”

The cosmic sound is associated with the creation of the universe. It is believed that before creation, the humming of energy existed. That energy became the vibration of creation and so the universe was created out of the ever-present sound of Om. This cosmic sound and its vibration still exists around and inside everyone.